How to Push Buttons with a Purpose?

So, we’ve been greeted with a new match-up thread which I absolutely adore…

but now that we’re acquainted with match-up specific details, how about non-matchup specific notes? In general, advice on how to push buttons with a purpose.
(I know we have a general discussion thread, but I wanted to address this idea specifically for general leveling-up purposes)

What kind of things do you guys look for? How do you condition your opponent?

Personally as of right now, I have 2 different main types of baits I use.

First is c.lp, walk back Kikouken, then read and react to what happens during the walk back stage. There are several ways they can react:

Opponent Options

  1. d/b Block
    [Susceptible to throw strings and Hazanshu pressure]
  2. Standing Block
    [Susceptible to walk up/back sweep, makes sweeping a lot a viable option]
  3. Crouch Tech/Throw Whiff
    [Susceptible to CH]
  4. Jump
    [Susceptible d/f CH]
  5. Reversal
    [Doing nothing is GDLK]

Next thing I gauge is their reaction to blocked Kikoukens, after a blocked Kikouken, I throw out a I do this several, several times until desperation time when I don’t throw it out in bait of a reversal. I’ve gotten Ultras and DP’s baited out by this, and although it’s simple, it’s effective.

So how do you guys judge, read, and condition your opponent? In other words, your set-ups to pushing buttons with a purpose?

… and afterwards I just realized I spilled the beans on my general gameplay lol But this is always just a primer for everything, because you will have to make adjustments on the fly that do NOT follow a flowchart.

I try to be aware of which normal is applicable as an anti-air to specific ranges.

And as you already stated, note which options they take. Block and tech on reaction, OS tech, backdash or reversal.

If my opponent likes to jump, can condition them to jump straight into my air throws. :slight_smile: