How to punish after block

What do you guys punish with when you can’t do cr. FP? like after a blocked super?

Other than red parrying the last hit to enable cr. FP… what do you guys do?

hoping for some better options than throw or LK tackle.

I do s. MP -> ex headbutt -> MP fireball -> tackle when I can’t do cr.FP. But sometimes it whiffs mid-screen or doesn’t combo 2 hits on headbutt for a low bounce/juggle

its a good idea to input ex headbutts using upback+punch so that even if you only get 1 hit, you still have the charge for a tackle

but you need to be specific on what moves/supers you want to punish

yeah, i just ex headbutt or ex tackle. works most of the time. but yeah, be more specific on which supers to punish cuz it doesn’t work for everything.

ok I’ll list a few examples. But what I’m looking for is ideas on what combos to use to punish when you’re either too far away or there is not enough time to do cr. FP

  1. blocked machine gun blow (ex or normal) This leaves you pretty far away. I think you can’t even punish this with s. FP

  2. blocked shippu jinrai. this one leave you pretty close but the recovery is faster than cr. FP

I’m thinking that if I don’t want to use meter I can do either:
s. MP -> LK tackle
cr. LK/LP -> LP headbutt

alright, after corkscrew blow, just ex tackle. works everytime. For jinrai, i use cr. jab headbutt or ex headbutt and then follow up. or cr. jab -> jab headbutt. Personally, s. mp -> lk tackle is risky. especially against jinrai cuz ken could catch you with a shoryu if you miss time the s. mp.

What about into ex headbutt into whatever?

that works too actually. i totally forgot about that. good look.

is it really worth it to do an ex tackle? You don’t really gain much advantage after doing it and I don’t think it does enough damage to use your meter.

I guess I’ll stick with s.MP -> ex headbutt and a finisher.

s.MP x EX tackle comes in handy against MGB and other stuff from far away. Using EX headbutt instead of the tackle doesn’t work against a lot of smaller characters. Personally I have bad experiences using s.MP x EX headbutt, on Ken it often just hits once for some reason and I don’t get the juggle. At the closest range, s.MP x MK tackle is good when a c.HP isn’t viable, does more damage than LK tackle (in comparison LK tackle can combo from a bit further away). Sometimes I just do straight up LK tackle if I feel nothing else will hit from the range I’m at and I don’t want to use meter.

If you have time but you’re not that close, you could always cancel the first hit of a low fierce (pretty decent range on the first hit depending on character hitbox) into a headbutt or HK tackle. But usually if this is possible, there’s something better to choose from.

Typically I avoid using EX moves much against Chun, Yun, and various others in non-punishment situations. Use your own judgment depending on round, health, meter, character, range, etc.

just use an LK tackle, since you’re at an advantage if it hits, you can generally get a good option select parry afterwards.

ill do stuff like c.LK LK Tackle Aegis if they are nearish to corner.

dont use ex meter unless its off s.MP xx EX Headbutt

urien has pretty shitty punish options in general, get used to it lol

red parry, jump in combo. close thread.

You can cr. fierce Ken’s super on block. It’s just that you have like, a frame or two of a window to do it.

reason why sometimes you may only get one hit from the ex headbutt is due to the fact your not cancelling the st strong fast enough into ex headbutt

Really? I used to try that before, but I would always end up getting a dragon punch after super when I tried c. fierce. Most of the time, I just throw to ensure I don’t get a dragon punch. I’ll try it once in a while if I really feel like my opponent won’t try anything funny and/or if I time it well.