How to protect Artwork layer for custom controller

Hi all! I have created an artwork for my custom joystick, and I would like to know how can I protect it? From a thread here in the forum, I narrowed down to Lexan and Eboxy Resin, but it doesn’t explain how I can apply Lexan or Eboxy Resin. Does Lexan have adhessive backing so I can just paste it on my artwork? or How do I apply Eboxy Resin on my artwork? My artwork is printed by epson printer on photo quality paper. Is there a better way to protect the layer than the Lexan or Eboxy Resin route?

depending on the box type some screw the lexan down or if the top is routed such that the lexan sits flush then you can often just cut it so it fits very snug and have the buttons hold it in place. I have two cases like that and I havent had any problems with them.

I didn’t think too many people used epoxy resin here. I know the axis gaming guy does and he has some very nice results. Maybe he’ll pop in here, there are some vids on youtube that go over making casts and mixing it and all that jazz.

acrylic (plexiglass) is better than lexan as it isn’t an artificial estrogen.

I don’t think its possible to just wedge the acrylic into place… it would break or begin to crack…

As recommended, you can screw it in, or use double sided tape in the corners? or glue dots work as well… or you can epoxy/plastic cement it in…

I printed my artwork at kinkos and put it in a lamilabel pouch

I have a HRAP3. Do you guys know the material that was originally used on the overlay? What does Hori used to protect that layer? Also. does anyone know what Byrdo uses to protect the graphic layer? Thank you.

I’m not sure about the HRAP3… but on the EX2, the artwork seems to be printed a vinyl… thus its not a covering… the artwork is on an adhesive backed vinyl.

You can get your artwork printed on adhesive-backed vinyl at Kinkos, but it’ll cost quite a bit and may take a day or two…

Byrdo uses plexi/lexan just like all the other custom stick makers. Is this a custom that you are putting the art on or is it brand name stick. That might help.