How to properly do dragon punch motion

Ive been playing fighting for a while and for some reason the dragon punch motion escapes my grasp. I can usually do it with my character facing right but when my character faces left I go retarded and can’t do the same motion. Can anyone give me some tips please? I really feel that not being able to do DP motions is really effecting my game. Is there a video showing this being done? I’d appreciate any help I can get

Depending on what game you’re playing, it can be easier or harder. It’s also way easier on an arcade stick than on a controller. Whenever I begin flubbing my dragon punches in training mode, I always look down at the pad and repeatedly practice the motion before trying it in a move.

I know how you feel, because that’s one of the things that gave me crap two years ago when I first played a traditional fighter. It’s nearly all muscle memory for me.

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If you’re using a stick, it’s a bit easier. Just think of drawing a Z. Point your index finger down and grip it with your thumb and middle finger. Once you’ve done that, try to draw a Z over your keyboard or on a flat surface. That’s basically how you do a dragon punch. I taught my little sister how to do it and she’s never touched a stick in her life.

I’m still working on this myself but for pad I’ve found two good ways and one not so good way
The first is to use the pad, forward (or back), down, then forward (or back) again real fast is pretty much 100% easy to do but using the pad runs into the issue of it’s VERY hard to super jump or even normal jump at an angle.

The other is with the stick and while it is simply doing the motion I found that actually letting go of the stick with my thumb when it gets to down forward and letting it snap itself to neutral is best but will still take muscle memory to do 100% of the time.

The not so good way is with the stick preform a VERY fast forward, down forward, down, down forward, forward. You CANNOT hit anything else or the game will fireball it and if not done fast enough will also fireball it. It’s VERY sloppy however and prone to not working. I really don’t advise using this method other then if you are absolutely starting from scratch and just barely understanding the fireball motion.

down down jab

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