How to play ps2 on ASUS VH238

i have ASUS VH238 monitor for my ps3
and i went to play my ps2 on it
is there any av cable or sd converter

I don’t know if this is the cheapest or best option, but a PS2 VGA cable should work. Here’s a third party one:
Never used it before though, so I’d recommend doing your research before you buy.

i want answer from someone how try it and work
and thanks for your recommendation

The cable does work, although there is some loss of picture quality as the PS2 does not output on VGA at all.
The cable is a Componentto VGA converter.
Please keep in mind you have to change your in console color settings from RGB to YPBPR, and switch to a Composite video out.

The Green RCA jack (it should be yellow) is composite (one yellow RCA plug) is used for adjusting your systems to its new color and video setting is necessary on a TV/Monitor that supports composite
In in “theory” the Green connector would support Guncon 2 and Guncon 3 for Guncon titles on the PS3.

This should work fine on the PS3, and all compatible games for the PS3 console

For PS2 console Owners.
And there is a list of PS2 games that are not compatible with Component 480p video
Also no PS1 games support this on the PS2 console.

I personally have this and it does the job. I barely felt any lag.

I never said it lags or it didn’t lag, I notice some visual artifacts in the image.
Its a Component to VGA adapter, and there better (but pricer) Component to VGA converters on the market.

You could try using the avermedia game capture portable. Was able to output hdmi a wii/gamecube via hdmi for a smash tournament I had to stream and it didn’t lag