How to play Deathstroke online

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I have played this game online, but I went
back to Injustice online after a break. This is the first time I have actually been
trying to create a guide covering a character I play. It’s a guide for ppl who just started
playing this character and it might give new DS players some tips. I am not sure
whether everything I have written is correct or not and there might be some stuff
that is wrong. Feel free to leave feedback or constructive criticism.
I am trying to get back into this game again after playing only SSF4 for a few months.

Thanks for watching.

Careful with Razors Edge, it can be punished just as easily as it can punish. Good video. People get so mad at DS players online, my brother is one, people don’t like to get zones lol.

just started this game and i enjoy this character, i will post some stuff after i check out your video and play a little more.

I have updated my guide today and created an advanced tutorial which covers more stuff and better combos after almost 1 year