How to pick color in SF4 arcade machine?

which button do u press on character selector screen for Guile’s red costume, and what other colors are there?

iirc, you can only choose the first two colors, unless you live in japan.

We need to adopt their badass card system, i hate not being able to select blue guile!

I wish San Diego had SF4 Arcade Machines period.

oh dang, dat sux…only 2 colors…i wish they had more colors.
and about the card system, i saw a card slot on the machine, but why dont they have the actual card? lol

it is off topic but can I ask;

do you know how to unclock secret chars in arcade machines. or do we have such an option?

The only playable character is Gouki/Akuma - it’s a dip-switch (showing my age there) setting.

Because they’re not supposed to have the machine; every SF4 machine in the US was bought on the grey market. Capcom never intended to release them to the united states, so they wouldn’t bother providing people with all the necessary tools to work with the machines.

Even if you put a card in the slot we aren’t connected to the network so we can’t earn BP and get alternate costumes and colors and all that good stuff. Damn you Japan!

Wow. That explains a lot. I have been scratching my head for a few months wondering why there aren’t more SF4 machines around, considering the ones I play on at Chinatown Fair are getting a sweaty dollar fed into it every 90 seconds (or less) and there is growing demand.

I told my lady that if we ever came across a bar with good beer, golden era hip-hop and SF4 we were going to move to the nearest vacant apartment. I don’t think she laughed.

PM me when you find this place.

I will pm you right after I run through the streets screaming in joy.

in Murfreesboro, TN the arcade owner Jason bought the Vewlix cabinet Justin Wong bought and it has a 360 inside it so we got all the colors hooray!