How to pick a second character?

I’ve been really trying to give this game a go, and when it’s not laggy it’s actually not bad. But coming from SF4 as my first fighting game, I’m having trouble getting my head around having two characters at once. I main Nina and noticed that every time I lose it’s because I only use the one character and not my other one. I usually pick King but use the two characters separately. So as a side character, who is a good pick for Nina?

pick a character that counter’s your main’s weakpoints.

Nina is a good anchor because she has pretty good mixups and great damage, pick someone who is a good point character (the one who is first on your team)

Good point characters would be characters with good meter building, decent defense and footsies, and easy ways to tag into your partner for damage or just tag into them safely on block, some good point characters would be Jin, Hwoarang, Chun, Guile, Bison, Law, Akuma, Ryu, Sagat, Cammy, etc.

I’m not sure Guile being on point is a good thing. I’ve looked at him as an anchor. But I’ll you who shouldn’t be on point…King…but I put King on point anyway just because I can. Don’t do what I do. Escpecially against CC’s, fireball characters and Juri.

Pretty much anyone is good for nina. If you’re coming from SF4 I’d suggest picking one of the characters from that side of the roster. Or lars if you’re dead set on the tekken side as he plays kind of like a cross between a shoto and adon…