How to mount PCBs

Hey guys,

Long time reader. One thing I never see here and I always have trouble with is how to mount PCBs. What do you guys typically do? I think it would be nice if there were a thread dedicated to pictures of custom pcb mounting or even the work around it. Sorry if this has been discussed before (it probably has).

when i’m in a rush i’ll just hot glue corners of the pcb down to the inside of the case, but these come loose on occasion. in my cleaner work i use zip tie mounts or PCB feet like the kind found on FA for PS360 type pcbs with mounting holes on the corners.

Yeah I end up using hot glue way more than I should for this. I would be cool to see pics of everyone’s work and how they are mounted. It would satisfy the geek in me too hahahaha. How they are glued, zip tied, or if holes were drilled or modified.

I’ve used adhesive backed PCB mounts from RadioShack. Go get some from there if they haven’t closed up yet, due to bankruptcy:/

Self-adhesive cable tie bases. Then I either use cable ties or screws to secure the pcb in place.

NEVER EVER use glue to glue down a board.
NEVER EVER use glue to glue down a board.
NEVER EVER use glue to glue down a board.
NEVER EVER use glue to glue down a board.
NEVER EVER use glue to glue down a board.

I have to work behind other modders who glue PCBs down. After trying to peel off glue so i can solder to a PCB, I wanted to kill the person who done so.
I swear if I find another stick with a PCB hot glued into place, I beating the crap out of the modder who did it and the stick owner for allowing it I charging DOUBLE for the extra time and Labor (and then beat the crap out of who did it).

I already made a guide in the Beginners Guide

Isopropyl alcohol @Darksakul . Apply around the blob with q-tips and after a little while, the entire piece slides right off. Those are some really good options.

You haven’t seen the sticks I worked on then.


Oh then get Ethanol, and if you don’t need it you can at least take a few shots whenever you have to work on some crazy shit like that hahahah.

Custom mounts.

I cut sheets of 1/16" (1.6mm) plexi in funny shapes, and drill holes in appropriate places to take advantage of existing internal mounting holes inside the casing. Drill additional holes in the proper locations to install brass-standoffs, and screw in your PCBs onto those.


Exar Exaprize:
plexi mount with standoffs, but no PCBs yet:

plexi mount with standoffs and PCBs:

Hori Fighting Stick VX
plexi mount with standoffs and PCBs:


I hot glue a ziptie to the case, then strap in the pcb with another ziptie once the glue cools.

A like those @FreedomGundam. Nice work.