How to mod a saulabi 4k and where to buy the parts

hello everyone. this is my first post. i just ordered a saulabi 4k for my ps3 today and i was just wondering how to go about modding it. i saw a few pictures on here from kowal and his modded saulabi stick. first i wanted to know where i could the myoungshin fanta sticks or the taeyoung fanta sticks, but with the microswitches instead of the rubber piece. and where could i also get the Crown buttons that would fit the stick. second, i am fully aware that the wires are soldered onto the prongs of the stick and buttons to make a connection. i was interested in going about making them the “plug” style connections. basically i am trying to get away from as much soldering as possible. thank you for any help that you guys could give me. any advice is much appreciated. joe.

Please try to search…

Saulabi thread: “”.

Saulabi modding tutorial: "

Laugh in the Trading Outlet: “”.

Laugh is the best person to talk to when it comes to Korean arcade parts.