How to mod a Hori premium VLX with a longer usb cable

Was wondering if anyone had any information on how to remove the stock 3 meter usb cable on a Hori and replace it with a 4 meter cable like on the TE stick. I just ordered a VLX but I know that it has only a 3 meter cable and I know from my experience with a HRAP 3sa that 3 meter cables run just short of my couch and chairs from my tv. My mad catz te on the other hand is just the perfect length at 4 meters.

I don’t understand why in this day and age of large screen hdtvs hori would equip their arcade sticks with short cords. If I remember correctly it was once stated that the TE uses 4 meters because that’s the longest length usb cables can go while still producing no lag.

First buy a USB cable at the length you want.
Second is to cut and strip the end.

Here is where may be hard for you to do.
Buy a JST EH Housing that is 5-pin.
Also buy the Contacts.
Then crimp.


Just get an extension, that way you can use other sticks/peripherals that don’t have cables that long.

That said, I’ve never played that far from an HDTV. Probably because I grew up playing on Sega Megalo cabs. Sitting within 1m of a 50’ screen FTW.

You’re better off with an extension. If you’re asking how to do it, then most likely it isn’t in your best interest to try and do it.

Yeah, an extension cord is the best option.

Plus, will your new cord fit in the storage compartment? Extension cord.

new cord would fit. plenty of space in the compartment, but since i doubt he would be able to desolder the connector and solder on a cable, then i’d say avoid that. that’s just my assumption because if he could have done it, then he probably would have already.

No need to desolder/solder anything on the VLX. It uses a detachable cable. Grab a female JST brand 5 pin EH connector and a few crimp pins, cut the ‘B’ end off of your desired cable, crimp the pins on the wires and slider into the female connect, plug connector to VLX board and you’re done :slight_smile:

I sure as hell wish MadCatz used detachable USB cables.

Thanks for all the replies guys. It’s great to know the VLX has a detachable cable. I don’t think I would consider bothering if I had to desolder/solder anything. I think I’ll try a 1m extension and if it gets annoying to use for whatever reason then I’ll switch out the built in 3m usb for a 4m. Thanks again for the input.