How to mod a genesis for S-Video/RGB input

Hey guys,

My cousin gave me his genesis because he told me he has no use for it anymore. I would’ve been playing it, but the problem is that I don’t have the RF video connector. While I was searching, I found an interesting mod that you can do with the genesis. The s-video mod. I am planning on doing that mod, but…

I can find a guide anywhere. I have found a really good guide but it is only for the first gen genesis. IS there a guide for a genesis 2 mod?


If you had the model 1 Gen then that would be easy as it uses the same setup as the Master System and Neo Geo. I don’t think it’s possible to get S-video out of a Model 2 Gen.

You might be better off going RGB. If your TV handles VGA @ 15Hz, wire up a box using the diagram under the Composite sync to HSYNC and VSYNC converter heading and you will get the best picture possible. I did this with my Neo Geo and the picture quality was unbelievable.

EDIT. Here’s a mod you can try which I just found.

EDIT (Again) Or if you are really adventurous, an RGB to S-video converter.

Thanks for the links, bro. But because I am such a n00b at diagrams and such, I was expecting a tutorial of some sort.

I can probably wire up a box or solder something, but I would need help on what to solder and where. Out of all of those links, the first one seems to be the best mod for my 2nd gen. What materials would I need to wire up a box like that?

EDIT: I just need you to let me know the parts u used to create that RGB box.

Thanks again.

According to that circuit diagram, you’ll need resistors, transistors and a few capacitors. You can solder them to a perf board if you like to keep things neat.

The jagged lines are resistors
The two lines running side by side are capacitors
The component with CBE written next to it is the transistor

The values are written above each component, the rest is pretty much self explanatory. I’ve never made this so I don’t know if it works or not. Those components are pretty cheap so it’s worth giving it a go.

Oh, okay, but I was talking about the one you DID make. You know, the RGB box…

Honestly, I truly appreciate your help and thanks for the quick responses.

Okay, so once I make that, I attach it to the Genesis board, right? I know I would have to solder, but what points do I solder to and how do I get S-Video out?

Again, I apologize if this is a repetition of a post in the past. I’ll try to get out of your hair quickly, lol.

Sorry, I wasn’t sure which link you were talking about. :rofl:

The adaptor I made is fairly simple. If you can get hold of an RGB scart cable for your Gen 2 than it will make things alot easier as most of the wiring is already done. Basically chop the scart plug off and by using this pinout to help you, you solder the R, G & B wires directly to the corresponding pins (1, 2 & 3) on the VGA plug and take the Csync wire from the Gen (pin 5) and send it to pin 2 (via a 0.1uF Capacitor) on the LM1881. The Hsync and Vsync go to pins 13 & 14 respectively.

5v can be taken from pin 2 from the Gen 2 cable. If you get a RGB scart cable it should have this wire as I’m sure it’s needed to tell Scart TV’s to switch to RGB mode.

You can also break out the audio to a couple of RCA jacks too if you like. Pins 8 & 9 are your left & right audio, which connects to the centre pin of an RCA socket.

The ground connection from the plug can be used to ground all the VGA plug ground points (pins 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10)

Actually, I just had another thought, if your TV or monitor accepts a composite sync signal, you won’t have to make up one of these converters. Just run the Csync wire from Pin 5 to pin 13 on the VGA plug and it should work. However most monitors require the sync signals to be separated, but it’s worth checking as it may save you some work.