How To Mash Out Of Dizzy/Stun


Copied from my video description:

I think the most common way is to rapidly move between two opposite diagonals and piano your punch or kick buttons… though tbh I’m not sure how useful mashing out of stun is anyway, unless the person has just tried to combo from the hit that stunned you in to something with a lot of recovery you’re going to get hit as long as they know what they’re doing, and if they try and focus attack you when you’re dizzy mashing out can just lead to an unscaled follow-up combo from them.

It’s always worth trying, there’s the off-chance that your opponent won’t wait build to level 3 focus, so if you mash out of stun before the hit, so you block and don’t eat a combo.

but that said, nine times out of ten you just get focus attacked anyway.

It rarely matters. If you’re dizzied close enough to the other person, all the mashing in the world won’t matter especially if they start the focus before you even wakeup into dizzy. For most cases you might as well just save your stick the grief.


I’m an avid believer of never giving up the fight.

360 is good because you get 8 unique inputs and it is easy to do it fast. I also slide my fingers across the face buttons on pad or piano rapidly on stick. Just try to hit as many buttons as possible in a short amount of time.

I believe the way things like dizzy work in fighting games is there is a set number of frames that you are stuck in dizzy, and frames are subtracted for every unique input until the dizzy timer wears off.

I learned from Skye Thompson (ECoast Honda Player) the best way to mash out of dizzies. Chances are, you’ll still get fuct, but the 360 motion coupled with the sliding of your entire hand palm out over your keys back and forth indian burn style is my way of doing it. However, as long as you’re playing a competent player who wants to win as opposed to taunt/show off, you probably won’t get out of dizzies in time anyways.

Fairly certain that in some games, return to neutral matters rather than multiple directional inputs, so the opposing diagonal method is best in that case.
Don’t think it matters one way or another in the IV series though.

As for how I mash, I do left to right with pianoing the punch buttons. Kind of lazy, but it gets the job done.

i wiggle fast as hell between down forward and up-back, and wipe my hand back and forward across all the buttons. a good few times someone has dizzied me, lined themself up for a jump in combo, jumped… and although it looks like im still in dizzy I’ve mashed out right in time to block the jumpin. I read the df/ub while wiping the buttons tip here a while ago, and i have to say I’ve been surprised at the speed I’ve gotten out of some dizzies.

I generally don’t bother mashing because 98% of the time, they’re breaking a combo out on your ass before you’d ever get out of it anyway.

I think this depends on how important the fight is to you. Not everyone will start a focus attack. Some people jump in to start a combo. Some people make mistakes and taunt. Some people don’t even expect to dizzy their opponent and react inappropriately when they see the stars move fast (as if it’s too late to react) or the same thing happens from getting too relaxed by it. You just never know.

This is probably the only good thing about having turbo (if you dare use it - I don’t and wouldn’t recommend it). One button, any button held down will get you out probably as fast as any other method. You can always test different ways in training mode. I’ve been a fan of using my palm in a wave motion across the buttons since Chun-Li in MvC1 for her lightning kick super combo. It’s like she kicks forever…