How to loosen up arcade stick movement

I have a problem with one of my arcade sticks it feels stiff compared to the other and they are both the same model. Is there anyway to make my stick looser except using greese?

I don’t think it’s the grease, it’s the spring inside. You pull it apart to tighten it and smoosh it together to make it looser. Not sure if you can actually smoosh a spring together but yeah…

Most people add a second spring to make it tighter, I believe.

What kind of Joystick is the arcade stick harnessing right now?

You can loosen up the spring a bit. Try compressing it and setting a heavy book on it.

That or try other springs (like 2 LS-33s, or replacement JLF springs) until you find what feels right.

I remember seeing some tutorial online about taking the spring, compressing it on a large screw with 2 bolts and putting a lighter to it. I did that with my Happ Competitions and it worked pretty well.