How to learn Buffering

I was wondering if anyone knew any links or sources that can help you learn how to buffer inputs? I tried looking through past forums to see whether anyone had a similar question, but I haven’t had much luck in finding an answer. The only thing that I found that was close to the answer I’m looking for was one of TBirdSF4’s SSF4 tutorial videos on how buffering is key to executing certain combos (already pinned n this site).

But would anyone know what the best approach to learning this may be? For example (I’ll use SF4 Ryu), I can look at a video and watch what a Shoryuken canceled into Shinku Hadoken is supposed to looks like, but I don’t really know how to break those inputs down and practice buffering. Should I be looking for forums/discussions on buffering for combos tied to a specific character?

Buffering is just doing the motion without the button. So if you know how to cancel a normal into a special then you have it down. Do it exactly the same. But instead of pressing the punch or kick button you press nothing. The move has been buffered at this point. And if they do something you want to punish with the super you hit the button and the super comes out. If they do something you don’t want to launch the super at, you just carry on with your business. I don’t know how long the buffer window is, so you can just test that out in training mode. So you do your comb with all its attacks and when it ends with a super you can chose to carry on or not simply with the final press of the button.

Another simple buffer is something like jumping in, while in the air do a QCF motion. As you hit the floor you can add a punch and get a fireball.

Or if you are dashing in you can dash and during the dash animation buffer your supper and press the button as the dash ends. Your super will come out on the first available frame.

Or if you wan’t to cancel a fireball into a super you can do a QCFp QCFp. The game registers the first QCF and stores it for a few frames and when you do the second one it reads it as two QCF motions and a punch. So a fireball comes out and gets cancelled into a super.

Its about hiding the motion inputs with in something elses animation essentially, I suppose.