How to know when to tech a throw?

I am just really bad a predicting throws I know that when a person starts walking near you that is an indicator that they are going to throw but I still mess up.

Play more.

the idea is if they are in range to throw, try thowing them, if they throw you tech, if they don’t u throw them

Generally there will be patterns to when a person tries to throw you. Try to look out for repeated situations in which a player often throws.
A common example of this if they dash right up to you during wake up, do one or two blocked light attacks, and then attempt a throw (which is called tick throwing).

Since throws have relatively slow start up in SF5 you don’t want to input throw tech recklessly all the time, because you can get counter-hit out of it, or they’ll shimmy back in order to bait you to whiff a throw, at which point you’ll be punished.

Honestly it’s mostly game knowledge, the better I get overall the better I tech, at least it feels like it.

As AriLancer said it’s mostly understanding and seeing situations where they are likely to throw overall + when they like to throw (specific to each player)

In addition to what AriLancer said, some characters have throw set-ups, where it’ll force you to guess between a throw or another shenanigan. Knowledge of these characters and their traps can also clue you in on when a throw is coming.

But generally, yeah it’s a lot to do with feeling the game out and that takes practice.