How to know when Bison is using crossup Psycho Crusher?

I get hit with it all the time.

Its just something you have to get used to and know by playing the matchup tbh

except in the corner, just use backdash after all knockdowns to escape this

Which set up are you getting hit by? If it’s a techable situation just don’t tech, you don’t have to guess which way to block or risk anything on wake up. If it’s something like a slide set up, just guess until Ultra Street Fighter IV delayed wake up is introduced :stuck_out_tongue:

Guile’s (my main) back dash sucks, will I not get hit?

The set up I’m getting his by is after wakeup usually, I don’t really remember all of them without going back to specific matches. I’m really sure the properties of the move being abused/used that make it cross up. Does it not block normally at first and then put you in normal blockstun like Sim U1? Well…actually to answer my own question it doesn’t work like that bc I’m getting hit by it.

Guile’s EX Flash Kick can auto correct on the Psycho Crusher cross up, I don’t think the normal Flash Kicks can or have enough invincibility for a clean punish.

Guile’s backdash should be fine to use as well, it has the same amount of invincible frames as every one else. I wouldn’t overuse back dashing as a delayed crusher will hit for full frontal damage.

You have to just learn it. It gets really obvious after a while.

Until then, enjoy being free to this shitty crossup. I hate it too, just a gimmick.

Lp pc in front is the best, people expect a cross up and walk into it ftw.