How to Keep Battery Pack Attached to a Hacked Xbox 360 Wireless PCB?

When you hack a official xbox360 wireless pad, how do you mod it so that a battery pack stays in place.

I noticed that the PCB alone will not be able to hold a battery pack and that the back of the controller shell is actually what keeps the battery in place for the PCB.

How do you solve this problem when you hack a wireless PCB?

i use something like this:

found in luv stick thread

1 way is u can do it like that, make sure you don’t throw away the shell/case or only give someone a wireless pcb if you wanna do it like that of course.


Yea I figured the back shell of the controller was an absolute necessity. Good thing I still have it. Any idea on what the best way to cut the plastic would be?

A rotary tool like a Dremel would probably be your best bet. Chances are you can find someone to borrow from.

I got one. But I really have using the dremmel TBH.

Last time I used it the disk went FLYING off and I coulda endded up like Sagat or something.

i would actually just solder leads to the + and - then put a 2 AA battery holder inside the case. its ALOT cleaner looking.

I like the way Cyguy did it to his (in the ‘i love my stick’ thread)

That’s why you wear safety glasses and don’t tighten the discs too hard.

This is how I did mine in my 1st stick about 2 months ago… also hacked the plastic from the battery holder part of the controller, just used whatever tool I had lying around…

think it was a pair of wire cutters! :wgrin:

buy a separate 2x AA holder at radio shack for a buck or two and make it look clean.

here’s how i did mine.

mind the nastyness of the primer. everything has since been cleaned and polised just no pics of it.


What did you use to cut the controller?

Like this

^^^yes. similar to what i’m doing, but i’m putting in rechargables and using a cell phone charger to power it. that way you never have to open it up.

Those are also rechargeable batteries. They are 2700maH and only need a charging once a month if i play a couple hours every day.
I might build the charging circuit, like you mentioned, at a later date but for now this is fine.

i used a router to route the hole in the mdf to fit the breadboard and fit the cut out pack holder.

i used a dremel and a cutoff wheel to cut the holder out of the controller. the only hard part was desoldering and resoldering the wires to the actual wiredless pcb. let me know if you need anymore info.

I did what was done in the first picture. I used a dremel to cut the back plastic piece off & it has 1 screw in the middle holding it on. The radio shack battery option looks better but I have to change my batteries because I modded an old SFA stick for my 360. I pretty much did this so I could play using a stick since it is so hard to find them, I did not take alot of time modding it over. I am in the process of making a new stick though & will probably go with the battery holder, and a usb recharge cable.

Thats really nice bro. Do you mine if i take that idea with my stick?

Yeah but on the bright side you’d get to wear a sweet eye patch! Or you could even wear a strip of cloth like a bandana tied around your head to cover it up sometimes.