How to Hori HRAP v3 on Xbox360?

Hello everyone,

I am a PC player that’s why i bought this gorgeous arcade stick (which is PC/PS3) some times ago. But i, often have opportunities to play on Xbox360 : fun with friends and tournaments ; i’m tired of playing on other people’s sticks. That’s why i am looking for a cheap but lagfree converter to buy.

Quote :
Recommended Controller Converter Pro by Blaze (?): This is an unmarked converter that is similar in appearance to the Blaze PS2-360. It notably does not require a 360 controller for passthrough. It reportedly works well with a HRAP3 and features similar compatibility to the Blaze.

But i can’t manage to put my hand on this converter so far…
So if you guys know where to buy this kind of stuff, let me know !

Best regards and thanks for any help

PS : I live in Belgium, so a shop in Europe would be more appreciated

No converters.

Dual-mod is love. Dual-mod is life.

The easiest method would have been to use PS360+ PCB by Akishop on a stick that is stock 360, but yours is PS3. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope; just a bit more elbow grease to pull it off.

At least, if my inner Tech Talky is correct. Otherwise, ignore all I’ve said lol

Install a Ps360. No need to do an actual dual mod, just bypass the stock pcb altogether. Very easy to do.

Converters wont work with your arcade stick.

You need a PS360+ or any PCB that works on 360.

You can go for a dualmod with IMPv2+360 common ground pcb (cheaper)
or PS360+ (which might be a little more expensive, but fast solution).

You will need some soldering for Home+Select buttons tho

First, thanks for your answers

Could you be more precise or give me a tuto on it ?
Because i don’t know what a pcb is and what ps360 really is…

Though, seeing how you’re in Europe, you’ll probably need someone to ship out to you directly.

there are also tutorial videos @ that focusattack link that can give you a general idea on how to install one of those p360 boards