How to hold your stick for best possible execution?

I actually watched a vid awhile back to see how people hold their stick. But what I found about the way I hold it doing combos on the left side of the screen is much harder then the right. It seems like I really have to focus each time I do anything on the left and a lot of the time I mess up basic bnb combos.

It might just be lack of practice which I definitely have but I figure there’s got to be a better way to use the stick.

I played Bison forever so srks and qcf backwards or forwards motions were never a problem since he has very few. But now learning Seth I’m too slow at SRKing from the left and doing cr. medium kick into sonic boom and things like that.

  • So to the point, what do you think is the best way to hold the stick?

I hold it as if I was reaching for a glass, kind of a C shape or a weird looking v. It works on the right well but on the left it’s not very good. Basically it’s 4 index fingers together and on the left of the stick with the thumb on the right.


:wow: I didn’t even stop to think that tehre might be a special way to hold a stick. I should have assumed so though, seeing as how I messed around with a few ways to hold pad.

I’ve had a talk with some pros and it seems that the tricks of the trade, when it comes to gripping the joystick, is to grip it as you would grip yourself when fapping. The grip that you use for fapping is obviously the most comfortable grip for you.

Next time when you watch a pro grip a joystick, remember that that’s how he faps, too.

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@OP. Grab the stick. Move it around. Whatever way you use to hold it, thats the way you should.

I’m checking the link out right now.

Thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

Here’s another:


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idk how to answer this. i mean, first off… u need to find comfort. i broke a metacarpal in my left hand and sometimes fast motion can cause a really sharp pain to shoot up to my elbow. i had to find my own niche. there was no advice or nothing that could be given to me, besides practicing and finding my own way.

basically what i am saying is, u can search youtube or google and all of the net for advice on holding your stick, and even find results. but ultimately, it is you, your body, your arcade stick, and your mind that you should use to find the best technique for holding the arcade joystick.

While it’s good to find your own way to hold the stick, there might be a reason a large branch of players at top level use a specific grip.

Reason: It works, and it works very, very well.

Being comfortable on how to hold a stick is important, but it’s not the most important aspect. Efficiency is. Being comfortable is just a matter of turning it into a habit; Force yourself to use the grip for 21 days, even if you’re losing all the time and eventually your body will adapt and find that grip comfortable. Once that happens, the efficiency of the grip kicks in and you’ll find yourself doing certain motions more easily.

…Well, this doesn’t apply if you already have the “Ultimate Grip”, but I don’t think anyone does. Yet.

It’s like going to the gym; Your body will feel uncomfortable at first and won’t be able to handle the physical stress levels, but if you do it for at least 21 days, then your body will become comfortable with it.

One thing you don’t want to do is switch grips too much as your body will be under a constant state of transition.

For myself, I personally use the same grip Daigo uses. Not to dick-ride on him or anything, but the grip just works. Worked much better in two months than my old grip that I “developed” and used for about… a year and a half.

If this is just a simple case of not being able to do things on one side when you can do it on another, you have to remember everyone has their dominant side. What you need to do is hit training room, practice whatever you’re doing on the dominant side, then practice it twice as much on the inferior side. If you train both sides the same amount, the weak side will ALWAYS be weaker, and there will ALWAYS be that constant gap between the two; You want to work it MORE so it closes that gap. All it comes down to is muscle memory.

what felt comfortable for me was a light pinch but I couldn’t do anything like that. as upside-down as it feels, I’m sticking with wineglass

i don’t know what all these guys are talking about but daigo-sensei has already addressed this topic. here is the correct andonly way to hold a joystick: [media=youtube]mRnfXzax94c#t=6m38s[/media]

There’s no true correct way to hold it, there will be someone who thinks that particular method is uncomfortable or whatever. For example I think Daigo’s method feels kind of unnatural(wineglass with the stick between the ring finger and pinky), and Kuroda’s method just really weird(very loosely cupping the ball from the top and practically spazzing the stick around). There are of course reasons as to why they hold it that way(Daigo can roll out QCFs better, and Kuroda can do option selects easier in 3S), but yeah.

I just use the wineglass method with the stick between my middle and ring finger. Japanese sticks don’t require nearly as much force as American ones, so it allows me to do many types of motions(charge, QCFs, HCFs, 360s) with just my hand instead of forcing it from my wrist.

Being able to do stuff on one side but not the other is a tell-tale sign of needing more practice. It’s definitely a lack of practice.

Also, read the stickies.

LMFAO at Daigo pulling out that pointer to show he had no extra inputs >.<

But yeah, I’d say practice a lot more, and if you still have troubles after a while consider changing your grip.

I hold the ball with my thumb wrapped around the bottom and my index and middle fingers around the top. I don’t use my pinky or ring finger (half the time they’re just sticking out like I’m a fancy dude drinking tea lol). That works for me, but yeah, just do what feels natural.

By the handle?

I hold the stick like I hold a pencil, I’ve never seen anyone else do it this way. It’s pretty much the eagle grip but I dont wrap any fingers around the shaft. Wine glass is probably better but I cant’ get a handle on anything that makes my palm turn up. I’m attempting the daigo style, which I think is automatically easier for dashing but everything else is harder at the moment.

Arcade Stick 101 - English

But I don’t have a third hand for pressing the buttons with!


I personally use the “wine grip” or whatever it’s called… shaft between pinky and ring finger and thumb kind of over the top… but I ran into the same problem when I started… doing certain things on the right side of the screen was easier than on the left and visa versa… to remedy this, it just meant devoting 15 minutes or so a play session in the training room doing the motions that were giving me trouble on both sides of the screen until I got the muscle memory for both sides of the screen. You can hold your stick any way you want, and like people have said, it’s all about comfort. I started with an eagle grip but found it wasn’t comfortable or stable enough for certain characters so I switched to the wine grip…but that’s just me. It really comes down to picking something you’re comfortable with and practicing doing boring things in the training room until you don’t have to think about them any more.

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