How to get out of the corner with Karin?

I think I’m able to post SFA3 questions in this thread so here it goes. I have tremendous amounts of trouble getting out of the corner with Karin. It’s like she has no moves to use to help her. I’ve only seen barely decent results with cr. mk. But,,,and cr.lp are of no help. Please help.

Asking an A3 question on SRK? How absurd, change this into SSFIV or MVC3 question, so you can get an answer. You only seem to want to use cr.attacks.

Opponent jumping in for overhead? st.HP. You have walk under the jump slightly and then use st.HP. It hits from both sides. They’ll be in the corner. If you get a counter hit, then, and back up if it makes you feel safe. cr.HP.

Opponent going for deep jump ins? st.MK. dp+p. d/df/f+K (well scouted because of slow startup)

Opponent footsies? st.MK. st.HK (has to be well scouted) d/df/f+p mixups with elbow,palm,slide,counter, dont bother with lift kick. lone low counter.

Well this is the newbie section and there are other games besides ssfiv and mvc3 so i don’t see your point but thanks for the info though. Getting out of the corner with her is such a problem for me. Can I use a cr. attack or are they all useless in this situation?

Im pretty sure the part about sf4 and mvc3 was sarcasm.

The question I want to ask the OP is why do you end up in the corner in the first place. She has good normals and with proper spacing she can do safe rekkas to not be in that position.

But of course this is all situational depending on who you are facing against.

Are you going up characters with projectiles? She doesn’t have much options dealing with fireballs and the sort.

Are you fighting players using Vism? Most characters if they land a V-combo are going to put you in the corner. If by chance you block a V-combo I’d try to AC them off if you have meter.

Well I play this game on GGPO on a keyboard and I’m not used to using one yet. But ppl that I play against seem to randomly throw out any kind of move they want. They don’t combo me, they just press buttons. And so I try to counter it, but I get countered back so that’s a problem. My other problem is that I block and sweep to much with her. And I’m scared to throw out rekkas because I think that I’ll get hit.