How to force my PS4 TE2 to work on Xbone?

Ok so I have my almost brand new Madcatz Tournament Edition 2 arcade stick.

I love it and I plan to beat the crap out of it when SFV will be released. The problem is I recently switched systems to Xbone and I need some stick to play KI.

Is there any way to make my TE2 compatible to Xbone ? I’m not fond of selling the stick and replace it by atrox.

You can probably check out the tread on the Brooks adapter which was recently released.

There is also Dual-mods

Are you planning on playing SFV on PC, or did you hang onto the PS4?

I don’t want to bring it up as console flame wars get ugly, but why get the Xbone for Fighters?
SFV is not coming out to the XB1, and PS4 already have exclusives the XB1 is not getting (none of this time exclusives stuff).
All the Xbox One got is Killer Instinct and that is getting a PC port soon.