How to fight Taskmaster

So ever since vanilla a friend of mine and I play this game regularly. It’s usually in his favor but only because of this character. I can’t seem to get out of his corner pressure or out prioritize his moves. Is taskmaster even unsafe on anything he does? If anyone has any tips on fighting him please help!

It depends on who you’re using, for me it seems that taskmaster gets blown up by random beam- hypers. Really just be patient, taskmaster really doesn’t do that well without assists unless the opponent just has bad defense, soooooo…maybe just get better defense.

Taskmaster’s shield skill has a lot of range but is very unsafe on block. You can also attack him on out webswing or grab him if you time it right. Also not the best zoner. As a taskmaster player I have to constantly be on the lookout for beams if I fight say akuma or ryu.

one of my friends complains about my task too…basically I feel like task can do what he wants. Zone? Cool. Bully the opponent with rush down? Cool. Switch between either at will? Yeah. But when he rushes me down with the right assists it’s a lot harder. I’d say if possible, get in your friends face and don’t let up. That or yeah, beam supers.

While Task is decent at both zoning and at rush down, he really has no reliable way to open people up if you just play patiently.
The thing catching most people is the range of his normals, but once you get used to that, he’s not really that threatening.
All his attacks are pretty easy to see coming, as long as you’re not pushing random buttons, you should not be getting hit.
The most threatening thing he has going for him is the air grabs, and the random shield bashes. Everything else, just block and push-block.

If your character does something better than Task, do it. If they zone better, out-zone him. If they rush better, rush him (but watch out for random shields and counters). Task can’t hit the top corner of the screen from far away. If you’re playing someone like Wesker or Trish, for example, he really can’t do much against you if you’re at the top opposite corner outside of super jump arrows, which you can see coming and avoid. Trish, probably moreso than Wesker, because she can lay traps that he really has no way around, since he doesn’t have a teleport. That weakness is the sole reason I back him up with Dorm.

Unless I’m wrong and I’m playing the match incorrectly. Then disregard completely.

windu25’s pretty much got it down. however, also take note of your opponent’s assists- taskmaster is a really versatile character who can do everything given the right assists. his biggest weakness generally is the superjump opposite corner since unless he’s got hidden missiles backing him up or something with extreme vertical reach he’s forced to rush down regardless of the team composition. however, if his team composition is based more on rushdown then you are gonna start having trouble once he gets in your face… same if he’s more basing on keepaway. try to take note of the specific weaknesses of his assists and fight him based off that.

it’s also good to learn how to punish jump arrows, because they’re very easily whiff punishable when he doesn’t cover them or space them properly which a LOT of taskmasters don’t do.

also, pushblock shield charge the instant it comes out since it gives you a general advantage vs being forced to take arrows or shock sting. if you know the opponent likes to do charge in their blockstring, pushblock the st.c and make them whiff their charge- it’s a free punish regardless of what they do (unless they yomi out super counter)

I’m seeing ALOT of players using S.Swing as a blockstring now, i dont know if its safe but i will test myself but wat they do is cr.:l: or watever they start with then they use S.swing cancel into down arrows, the animation gets cancelled they land then they do st.:h:. So i’m asking does it still have that window to grab task master when doing S.Swing when or where ever he does it?

Task can space a shield skill to charged up arrows to stop this. Either ends up in his favor with a hit to a full combo or they are forced to blockTrish or can teleportWesker back into the same situation.

Doesn’t hit the top far corner, meaning if they’re spacing you at full screen. That’s the only place Taskmaster has a hard time reaching. But, that’s not a problem he has alone.

If they super jump back. Dash and cancel that into shield skill for momentum. Then cancel the shield skill into an charged up arrow. As I said it create the situation that is positive for you.

Then perhaps I’m just doing it at the wrong time, because I always get tapped by either the assist call they made before the super jump, or by their projectile coming down from the top of the screen before the projectile invincibility frames kick in. I’ll just have to practice and mess around with it more.

If they are super jumping back and calling an assist. Just cancel the arrow charge into a kara cancel super. If you have a nice super to DHC into that is. That situation of Wesker jump back and gun should never be a negative for Task.

well he does have those unblockable rekkas.

Is there any way to punish Taskmaster players who do Shieldskills xx Stingmaster? I’m having some trouble with a friend of mine who keeps derping around with XF3 Taskmaster and this is the thing that I find most annoying. I’ve tried to XFGC after blocking the stingmaster a few times but even that seems iffy because that move seems to be active for an eternity.

Also, do you guys feel Taskmaster has any unfavorable matchups? The tier thread seems to think his worst matchups are 5-5.

His Stingmaster is susceptible to XF Guard Cancel, Pushblock (the shield skills) causing Stingmaster to whiff, Characters with a 2-3 frame jab (Wolverine in Speed mode, Dark Phoenix, Ammy in Slowdown)

His real unfavorable match-ups are usually those who can throw beam supers very quickly (like Dr Stange, Dormammu, Akuma) but those matchups are like a 5.5-4.5 IMO only because the beam supers blow him up.

Surprisingly, he has a really good time against the top tiers (Wesker, Viper, Vergil, Magneto, Zero).

Taskmaster blows up Zero, Vergil, and Wesker FREE (iirc they’re 5.5-4.5/6-4 in Task’s favor)

Characters with a super fast jab still can only punish sting master if it’s done right in the corner, otherwise the opponent will be too far away. Also, Ammy doesn’t need to be in any mode to have a 3 frame jab.

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