How to fight guile and hugo expert cpu

hello, long time viewer of forum would love some tips to be more competitive! whats the best way to fight a guile/hugo team with ryu and ken. fight them 2x2 a few times and win; would love good advice! i got trouble fighting both of them on hardest cpu
-m3b_ on ps3

I can’t really help you as I have played next to no arcade mode. Keep in mind that expert CPU will react to anything and will not be fooled by mixups the same way a human opponent will. I would say, don’t jump against them at all. Find a range where they get really predictable and just stand at that range and press sweep for example. Most likely you will find a way to abuse their lack of intelligence and just sweep/throw them over and over. But let’s be real. There is no point in practicing to beat expert CPU. Go into training mode and find comboes, set ups etc. Then either go online and try it out against real opponents or practice comboes against moving cpu (Can be easy and not expert). The most important thing is to have your comboes and execution down and to play against human opponents to see how you can trick them and read them during matches.

CPU’s have specific knowledge for every situation. At times they can be ruthless, especially if you jump a lot. Other times they won’t know how to react as they mainly only react to your movements. In this sense they can be helpful in teaching you the basics and possibly help with your execution. They show you some specific punish options that characters have. However, like SimSimIV said, its really pointless to play against computers. Not to mention, once you understand how computers work, they become extremely easy on any difficulty.

As far as the CPU goes, zone the hell out of him. Jumping towards (or away from) Hugo is a death kiss by itself, so avoid doing unnecessary jumping. It’s pretty irritating as most of my attacks are initiated by jump-ins.

thanks all! im without net on my ps3 so im foreced to vs haredest at the moment!