How to FADC a flash kick?

So I’m trying to break out of a flash kick animation early with FADC, but no success. I don’t even know if I’m performing the FADC in the correct way… anyone here got some tips?

I finally got it to work! Figured out there is no need to dash (moving back/forward twice). Just a single tap forward/backward after focus does the trick. The input is:

Flash kick -> Focus attack -> back OR forward (once)

My suggestion to the SF community is to change the abbreviation FADC to FASC: Focus Attack Step Cancel that is.

Flash Kick FADC is not rocket science… you just flash kick… and then press focus attack immediately after during the block/hitstun.
Dashing entirely depends on how you did the flash kick. If your motion ends on the same direction that you wish to dash, then yes you only need to return to neutral and go to that direction again. If you ended flash kick at up-back then you will need 2 forward taps to dash forward out of FA.

FASC? /facepalm… Focus Attack is canceled via your character’s dash. How ‘you’ input the dash is irrelevant. It’s still a dash. Single tap dashes are exceptions not the norm.