How to enjoy fighting games again?

Hello again. It’s been a couple years since I last posted on SRK. Back then it was me struggling to get a foothold on my skill level as a member of the community. Eventually I just stopped playing fighting games after a while. I keep searching for that game to bring me back into the fold, but I’ve had no luck. Here’s my history with fighting games over the last few years.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - Enjoyed the game, but didn’t yet have an arcade stick and the online was either barren or laggy as hell. Moved on to…

Street Fighter 4 - Joined in around Super, picked Gouken as my main(big mistake), and proceeded to lose 95% of my matches in both private lobbies and ranked 1v1. Was hyped for AE, but eventually quit a couple months later after I saw no real improvement in my skills

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Bought into the hype(both times). Biggest waste of $100 in my life. Game was too fast for me and I could never figure out a team for me.

Skullgirls - “Finally!” I thought “This game will help me become a better player.” Cut to a near dead scene, waiting almost a year to get patched up to the PS3 version, and just having 0 interest in the PC version. At this point I was done.

I know a lot of this is personal issues with myself not being able to handle defeat well. But part of it is also on the FGC itself. See, I live in a rural area that has no scene. When I made a topic to gauge interest in a scene here, guess how many replies it got? 0! So I am forced to do almost all of my matches online, where I have to deal with either a crappy netcode, or my subpar connection(even Skullgirls with its’ vaunted use of GGPO was still laggy for me). The people I used to play private lobbies with in SF4 moved on to the PC version(which I don’t own). And the online for the rest either has garbage netcode, is dead, or both.

Look, I’m not asking for pity. I just want to know what I could be doing in order to have fun again with fighting games. Is that really so hard to ask?

Have PS3? I’m pretty free in the games in my sig. I personally know how frustrating it can be when there is no one @ your skill level so you can actually enjoy the game.

I recommend picking up Injustice, really fun and relatively new.

Yea, I’m not very good either despite being a gamer for around 30 years. I also think the FGC is to blame for my deficiencies.

Wait, no I don’t, maybe I should just practice more. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you want to get online in SF4 online again, AE was just at 7 and a half bucks recently, and is most likely going to hit that low again in the next week on Steam. Key an eye out for it if you want a deal before the price goes back up.

Have you tried SFxT or Persona? Both have decent online scenes and netcode.

If you came from old school games, you can still play some of them like 3S and KoF '98 on GGPO and they’re fairly active. 3S and VSav are also available on console. The only problem with that route is you’ll probably run into a lot of people better than you, but hey, gotta improve somehow.

3S has a tough online community, but runs on GGPO and has a great trials system. I personally think it improves my SSIV game too, since it’s less lenient on intputs. Just picked up KoF XIII after hearing on here that it’s trials would dramatically improve execution, so far I’m impressed.

When you say ‘rural’ any idea how far away your nearest scene is?

Probably a good hour’s drive on the freeway. I know that’s not much to a lot of you, but for me it is.

Just get on GGPO and play old games, ask a lot of questions. If you want to play a console game with decent netcode you’re pretty SOL unless you like Namco games.

have friends on your same level so you not butthurt when you get constantly raped and pillaged

Wait what

When in doubt return to your beginnings…I play Tatsunoko vs Capcom daily. With today’s connection speeds and a usb2lan adapter you can find lag free matches with players of all levels.
One player made a web page that acts as a lobby, so you can see who is online in real time and searching for battles.:
This video goes into detail about how to use the gslist:

probably should just get a car or have someone give you a ride and take the hour trip to your local weekly/monthly/whatever.