How to drill TE plastic

(french here so, sorry for my english)

I would like to drill/cut a Madcatz TE (TE S precisly but, anyway), just close to the 24mm buttons. It’s for put 2 more 24mm holes : one for home button, enother for RJ45 female. I know, there is not a lot of place, but there is enough (and yes I will have to broke some plastic column inside.

I use to drill into plexi / pvc, with bit drill for wood for other projects. But I think use a drill (the tool) will probably broken the plastic because it’s not plexi, and it’s smaller.

So, who already did it ? How to do ? Thanks a lot

I used this to drill a hole for the Neutrik inside of the door where you store the usb cord. It made a pretty clean hole, only had to sand it a little bit.

It’s what I use for plexi and pvc. So it doesn’t broke the plastic ? I would like to test before but it’s not possible.

I use a 24mm hole saw in reverse. Start with a tiny pilot hole and work your way up to the size of the hole saw pilot bit. Cover the area with masking tape and go slowly with the hole saw in reverse so as not to melt the surrounding plastic. Stop and start as needed to keep the plastic from getting too hot.

I used a bimetal 24mm on my SE, and it worked absolutely fine.

You are talking about a tool like this one ?

Yep, that type. I think both will work OK as long as you are careful with the cutting. I’ve only used the hole saw myself.

I will try, thanks for all your responses

Yep, no prob. You may still need to clean up the edges with a file, exacto, and /or sandpaper if you are trying to keep it very clean. It won’t matter much for external mounts like a standard button, but for a rear-mounted jack you’ll want it to look nice.

That’s what I used. Just clean up the edges a bit with some sandpaper and you’ll be fine.