How to Drill/Solder into PCB

Hi, i remember when reading some soldering guides that there’s actually a possibility for you to drill small holes on the soldering spots of the pcb and insert the cables from behind, just leaving small dots of soldering in the pcb.

I was trying to solder my pcb, and got very difficult, specially when you don’t have something to hold it, but then I thought that if i drilled, it was going to be as easy as insert the cable from behind, it was going to be fixed in place and then i just solder it.

But, is that really possible?
Doesn’t it damage the pcb?


As long the PCB is one sided, you should be ok. If all electronic components are only on one side of the PCB and the other side has nothing on it, there should be no problem.

Yeah… one a one-sided board it works really, really well. The way I do it, I don’t know if it’s the proper way but it seems to work for me, is to drill the holes slightly next to the sodder spots that way your drill doesn’t somehow “tear up” circuitry and leave it disconnected.

Haha… don’t you love my extensive electronic terminology… I’ve built a few sticks and whatnot but I’m an extreme amateur when it comes to this stuff… but yeah… I like to drill the holes right next to the contact point. I think it works out better than way… less risk of severing the connection or doing something stupid.

Don’t drill, it just makes things more difficult especially with PCBs. You’ll “tear up” the copper traces if you don’t do it right and you’ll probably end up ruining your PCB for good. Just solder straight, it’s plenty strong enough.

If your having difficulty, USE TAPE to hold down the wire and PCB. If you have both parts just in the right place, then apply heat and solder and it should be perfect. If you can’t seem to do the tape method well–you can be like me and melt some solder onto both the contact and the wire, put the two together and then apply heat. The solder thats on the iron wire and contact should be enough to form a solid joint. Bear in mind though, this method is incorrect and sometimes just wont work because of how unconventional it is.