How to do the rainbow infinite with mags?

Some one tell me how to do this i saw sanford do a few reps b4.

otg,, sj. cancel air dash down whiff sj.hp, land, repeat

the slide infinite isnt the rainbow infinite is it? i thought it was the launch > hellllla hits combo?

I didn’t know what it was when I first heard it, but then someone said in a thread that it was the slide because they go over you sort of like a rainbow…how gay!

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no its an infinite that is done in the air that can be altered to the regulare rom, its nuff hits.

What exactly is the rainbow infinite? and who made up that term?

Are you talking about the one in this video? at about 7:18



-l aunches,SJ, and does a few hits SLOWLY as he’s coming down. does a regular rom on the ground (ground height)… launch, SJ and comes down doing a few hits slowly… does a regular rom (ground height), repeat. Is that what your talking about ? If not, anyone know the commands for the mag infinite video I posted? (at around 7:18)… it looks so FLASHY and FANCY. I’d like to pull this one off and make people say “wow” :smokin:

yeah thats it but how do u do it?

Rom, launch /\ sj.lp,,, slight delay,, addf,,, / thats what it looks like. if you wanna get a little more fancy then try

Rom, launch /\ sj.lp,,, slight delay,,, adf,,, slight delay, lp, lk, mp, mk

it works, but really strict timing

The second one looks insane

tell me about it haha hella hits

Ok so for the rainbow which rom do you have to use?

2nd question is to you do the launch then super jump after landing on one rep of the rom?

like land, launch sj.? :wonder:

it’s pretty much anytime they are in the air but low enough for you to launch (cr.hp or s.lp, doesn’t matter what combo you use to get them there or how many reps.

u’ll have to ask magnetro as he made that video, but good luck, he acts all high and mighty… at least when ever i post something

acts? He IS high and mighty. the Higher, Mightier Magneto

thats 90% of the internet… lol.

but yeah dancing poochie guy man… I kinda see what you mean with launching them but I still don’t know which rom I gotta use. I’am positive its not the normal one… cause I tried it,LOL :wonder:

it can be any combo as long as you know how to bring them low enough. like doing a sj.lp addf lk lk.

ok cool, Ima try with some more with regular rom…

I hate bother everyone but could someone type out how it should look including the rom?

like instead of saying rom, launch /\

Edit: Nevermind I can get them low enough using Psy AA one repetition of the rom then c.HP :lovin:

Yeah I’am l33t…

GOLD, i couldn’t figure out the commands,

i can get a few reps of the first one, but i would never use this, its so much extra work

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What’s up everyone, I am new to the board and I was wondering if anyone would mind telling me the buttons for every version of the Rainbow Infinite out there. I have tried the one mentioned in this thread, but I had to modify it to get it to work by using sj.d+lk instead of just Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and much luv!