How to do Demon Armageddon?

I don’t know how you do this, I’ve pressed up twice then all 3 kicks but it doesn’t work, is there another way to pull this ultra off?

You need to buffer the input into another attack so Akuma doesn’t jump during the up, up input. Trying inputting it during a focus attack or whilst jumping.

Alternatively, you can cancel a teleport into it - i.e. teleport and perform the U2 input required while teleporting.

Also, use this thread for the small questions mate:

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Dash then ultra 2

I dash then I do up then l2

Completely unrelated to this old thread but just had a brain fart.
If one day… I can dash U2 one of those raw focus spammer mid screen online… dash in would make their backdash irrelevant maybe… ho dear the salt.