How to do babalities?

I got the input for kitana’s babality off the shoryuken guide for mk but it’s not working for me…i jump back once from the guy…put the inputs in and it wont just work…so i was thinking if im supposed to unlock it in the krypt first or the challenge tower first or what?

you need to win the match without blocking, otherwise your babality command will wiff

I’ve actually managed it by only not blocking during the last round.

Yeah, it only requires that you do not block on the round where you get the “Finish Him.”

ah thats good to know, cheers guys… will make things a little less tricky hehe

smokes babality for the win :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh sweett thanks alot man

At least in arcade ladder, you can block. I stood around for almost the entire time limit in the second round of the first match in beginner holding block before the opponent even took a swing at me, managing to block a hit and immediately finish the opponent off, and still managed to do Jax’s just fine. I was able to do it in all 8 matches you’re allowed to do a fatality in, no matter what I did in fact.

I think the “no blocking” stipulation is waived on beginner ladder. I haven’t been able to do it at all on Medium/Hard ladder without not blocking during the final round.