How to do 360 piledriver without jumping

As topic says: How to do 360 piledriver(giefs, seths) without jumping?

In before the flames.

Try rotating the stick from forward to up-back and immediately pressing a punch button.

Also, you can buffer it into a dash. So dash forward and rotate the stick while the dash is going on, then press punch…

You don’t need to do a full 360. Go from front to up-back, or back to up-forward I’m sure there are other variations.

You should do a 360 piledriver when you’re in the middle of an attack. Like what desistyle said, except that you can also do it while doing a special, off of a jump, or off of a saving/focus attack. (there’s probably some more options)

Not only does it prevent you from jumping, but it makes scrubs even easier to beat.

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Go have a read of the stickied threads in the Zangief forum if you want to get better.

Why would Mike Tyson need to know how to do a piledriver?

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Hit up and punch at the same time. No jump!

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well i usually just grab the guy first and bend him over. then i grab him around the waist and lift his feet up off the ground. THEN is when i jump up in the air while twisting my body till i get a nice spin going. I think your problem is your jumping before you grab the guy, which doesn’t work. But to do a spinning piledriver without jumping sounds impossible…unless you can spin on your toe like a ballerina, in which case, bravo!

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I have a question and I might as well ask it here. Is it possible to do a 360 from a :db: position? I figure if I put it in quickly enough it would come out but I just end up jumping.

It should be possible if you buffer it behind another move but from a standing start you’d need to be uberfly quick not to jump.


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yes it is possible and yes it is easy and no you do not need to super fast …

the way I do 360 in games that have them (cause it seems to work in all games that have a 360 char) is starting from forward to back (a half circle motion) then when you get to back you press up and punch I hope people understand what I mean…:hcf::u:+:p: