How to Digital paint fur

Well yea I just finished this drawing and my character is wearing a fur coat, kind of like an hollywood actress style type coat with a couple of tiger stripes, I was going to colour it tomorrow on Photoshop, I was wondering If anybody had any good tips for geting good looking fur.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

i’m kinda interested in this too, mainly because i plan on making a Shadow of the Colossus fanart and those suckers are damn fluffy

Use the number 12 brush in photoshop. If it isn’t there, append it under natural brushes.

In studio we use this brush alot to get the effect for our materials(texture) artist to build from. With this brush, I find that it can render really good fur because the tips are widespread. Just lower the opacity for a more suttle look.

cool thanks.

Start with drawing lines with big textured low opacity/hardness brushes, and work yourself up with smaller brushes and higher opacity/hardness. Thats how i make fur.

again thanks for the tips.