How to deal with mk crossover?

hey there,

i wish to pick up some charge characters, i am currently enjoying dictator; i have major issues vs. mk crossover repetitive users: especially on wake-up

i get mk’d into jab blockstring and then tick throw’d, if i[admittdely i overuse hk SK] get blocked during most attacks, including devil’s hand my opponent’s zoning[especially those i would term mk crossover scrubs] tends to destroy me from then on in.

if i am up against shotos once they get that initial knockdown; my knowledge of escaping their timed mk crossover blockstring tick throw antics is minimal~

how to escape these antics guys? with claw i can escape[though with it’s own risk’s with flip-back/all Ps/Ks]

it may be that i don’t completely understand bison’s teleport options, though undoubtedly most opponents could time a projectile to catch me following establishment of safe teleporting escape

in conlusion, how do i deal with these sheisty antics?

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how to deal with cr. LP whores; vs. virtually any move i attempt some chaps can spam/time a cr. jab or cr. jab series that negates my moves~

i.e. a whiffed PC results in cr. LP, not comepletely sure if i remember correctly[the trauma was great]- but i have been jabbed{standing i believe, though some chap may have dashed back and cr.LP’d me ftlulz} out of a devil’s hand as well- this tends to leave me with normals and SK[which on block gives me the aforementioned drama]

It simply a mater of gettng use to the cross ups and blocking them, then getting your crouch teching game up to speed. Bison is weak to the tactic of repeated cross ups. You can counter with a neutral jump or J.MP if you know another cross up attempt is coming but your best off just blocking and sitting on down back through your opponents pressure string until you have charge to do either EX.PC or Teleport out and working on your throw teching game. After blocking a cross up mk your opponent won’t be able to do a true block string so you can RDP+KKK Teleport out to safety. On wake up you can use EX.Devils Reverse to escape the cross up and then try to to move away with the second part of the move.

thank you for your repsonse Azza, i am becoming to get more used to the antics; thanks to playing against a more advanced player offline who mains ryu/ken, could you give me some advice about dealing with blanka’s spinning ball antics- i assume you are a more experienced dictator user, so i ask you as well as peruse the blanka forums and matchup threads

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Blocked Blanka Balls can be punished with heavy scissors. Delay it by a frame or two to get both hits of scissors to connect. Use U2 too cos you can punish blocked Blanka Balls with it. Good Blanka’s shouldn’t ever let you block a ball anyway but those are your go to punishes if you do manage to block one. You can also punish it on hit if Blanka’s close enough to the corner when he does it.

That’s the horizontal ball. What specific problems are you having with Blanka apart from that? Once you get used to his cross up gimmicks then Blanka’s quite a good matchup for Bison.

the ex ball is giving me a lot of difficulty, i presumed with cross-up moves[as it goes past me, and then returns as a high hit{i think}] the player is meant to press the direction of the cross-up[i.e. block toward the opponent] and then that would block,

but i can’t block it.

he is a good blanka, plus i often get tied down into charging and then am vulnerable to his cross-up dash move[where he switches sides vortex style similar to ibuki], , , , he dashes, dashes, dashes and at some point will throw me, so i get locked into tick throw antics[i believe] where i must nigh-on perfectly time his offensive action. GRRRRRRRR.

his ultra is also a nightmare, not his ultra2[anti-air/ground shout if that is it{manual says yes}] but the tracking one[ball of lightning?{lighning cannonball says manual}] as he times it when i am mid-headstomp or devil’s reverse, i can usually get into a crouch defense but then he chips me to death{i play with no hud, so this could be an issue too, but i enjoy the rpg intently}

if i do any move when he has that lightning ball he seems to beat me[ i even teleported, perhaps mistimed and he still punished me ]

i am beginning to think that my inability to get the ultra[i prefer 2] out of double devil’s handhell’s attack[if that is the double MP jumping manoeuvre] may be the lil’ extra i need . . . that and getting more combo’s down[combos are a blind spot for me, a reason i was drawn to dictator with his un-reliance on fadc and long{cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp(lol)} combo antics]- plus his wonderful psychological destruction of people when you ex headstomp them into a k.o.

thanks for the words of advice thus far guys,

kind regards

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also, i am okay with crouch tech[so an offline friend who mains ryu/ken and has skill at all those awful shoto antics]- but query . . . can a kara-throw be crouch-tech’d?