How to dash punch? - Balrog General Q&A thread

You can ask anything you want in this thread, I’ll answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. But before asking, make sure your question has not already been answered down here. I’ll update this thread with more Q&As as they come up.

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Does CH cr.LP combo into cr.HK?

Also, very nicely put together thread.

Yes. Get a +1 frame advantage modifier to light attacks on CH. For medium/heavy attacks you get a +3 frame advantage modifier. Only on the first hit.
You probably will need more posts, and or should consider just having text/links in the sticky posts. That way when people want to sort through answers, its quick and easy to get to the simple answer, and the long answer (to which i’m prone to giving), can be in the link to the post.

Does standing jab still link into standing fierce?

I appreciate it, thank you!

Thanks. I’ll probably do the linking from now on. I’ll make the changes when I get back home. Computers at work suck ass.

It doesn’t unless it’s a CH Standing Jab or you’re linking cl.LP > cl.HP (1F link.)

Although outdated, check out Eventhubs’s frame data:

Aside from minor changes, it’s still valid.

you can also do cr.lp, cl.hp OR cr.lp, cr.hp. cr.hp is HORRIBLE on block though, you can also do st.lp, cr.hp too, its just as useless.

cr.lp, cl.hp, is an interesting finisher after hp.ds, FADC it does a a similar amount of damage with scaling and is really unexpectedly quick, since most opps are used to seeing a headbutt, sweep, or a throw attempt after jab. Most people are unaware of what cl.hp is like on hit/block and recovery, so you can sneak in a throw afterwards.

How does one go about punishing el fuerte. More specifically splashes unless someone can link me to a sort of punishment thread.

Ok another if you guys don’t mind. Apparently you can get a cr fierce from a cr forward.
Also what is the motion for dash backs and dash forward ultra 1s. I can do it but I mash and I’d like some fluidity.


You can always down hcf instead of back, forward, that’s helps a bit once you get the button press timing down.

Lol enigma I was just in my subscriptions and I see your vid and I was like nah he couldn’t have made that just for me, so I ran over to the thread to check if you answered me yet. Much love man.
And what do you mean down half circle forward? Sorry lol haven’t heard that before.

Also could you give me a couple of his blockstrings
I’m trying to step my game up in SF and less in Marvel.

You want true block strings or frame traps?

I usually do cr.lp x2,, lp.ds for block strings to get chip, but it’s matchup and spacing dependent as some people can punish it on block if you space wrong I believe.

And cr.lp, is a frame trap, I don’t know what the frame gap is between the moves though.

Didn’t necessarily make it for you, although i made the cliips a long time ago, like Early Super, and i just put them together and uploaded it.

This is what I mean by hcf:

Now I want to cry. It was just conviniently timed? And yeah I went through all of your punishing videos and some of those random mp4s. Beautiful think you’re doing for the balrog players.

Yeah blockstrings. I wasn’t sure whether cr.jab cr.jab cr.short lp.ds was 100% safe. I got some frame traps.

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As for the character-specific things, I suggest you go here: "Gettin' that Bike $!" AE Balrog Match-up Thread
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How do any Rog players approach any Shoto characters after a sweep knockdown that have meter? Usually if I try to do anything “meaty” its met with a shoryu to my face. Any tips?