How to counter players who spam projectile attacks

I’m having alot of trouble with players who spam projectiles. This mostly applies to Ken players in Super Street Fighter IV. Even if the player isn’t good themselves, its still hard to get in close without getting hit constantly. Currently I’ve been playing Cammy. I know this is a dumb question, bug it really makes me avoid online play.

Most Ken players that are constantly throwing fireballs probably don’t understand the proper ranges to throw them. You can inch your way forward, wait for the unsafe fireball and then jump in for a free combo. The other option you have is buffering U1 and reacting to the fireball. Quick Spin Knuckle also goes through fireballs and combos into U1. EX Spiral Arrow will go through projectiles. You can always Focus > Dash forward, or Focus > Dash back to build meter whilst advancing/retreating. If you have a life lead and you simply want to avoid chip or grey damage, neutral jumping outside the range of anti-airs is a good option.

You have a whole lot of options, but you may or may not lack composure to use them properly, and that comes with time and experience.

I wouldn’t blame you for using Cammy, a fast character. Though it begs the question, if you don’t know how to beat projectile spammers, why don’t you use projectiles so others can’t beat you?

I’m guilty of “spamming” fireballs cause I play gouken, but I usually do it full-screen or at safe distances. At the right spacing you can jump over and use cannon strike (the divekick) to ground yourself before the next one hits. That’s in addition to the above posts. If you can figure out your opponent’s pattern, fireball spam is pretty easy to beat. Now if your opponent is playing a zoning game, that’s a different story.

Projectile zoning is a valid and important play style in Street Fighter games. You need to learn to beat it. Using derogatory language like “spamming” isn’t helping you improve.

One thing you should know right off: Ken is pretty shitty as a zoner. Usually if you see a Ken trying to zone you (and you aren’t… say… Zangief) you know right off the other guy doesn’t have any idea what they’re doing.

Aside from patiently getting in, using neutral jumps when needed, Cammy has a number of ways through fireballs; EX spiral arrow and Ultra 1 will go right through projectiles if timed right. Holligan could even be used, especially against players that think Ken is good at zoning.

In fighting games there is no such thing as spam. You are not only fighting against a character but the player and if a player cannot beat a tactic, you use the tactic till it does not work anymore. This not only give you a win, but it also gives the opponent a chance to train against the tactic and learn to beat it. That being said, when someone throws a fireball you have several choices. Block and take a bit of chip damage in exchange for a tiny bit of super meter, Jump straight up to maintain your position (gain and lose nothing), Use a focus attack to absorb it and dash back or forward to cancel the attack and build some free ultra meter in return for taking temporary damage (grey health), use a projectile invincible attack. Mix these up. Use a focus attack to absorb a fireball, neutral jump until your health recovers, repete until you have enough meter for an ultra and use the ultra to counter.

How dose that teach him to beat a zoner with cammy? Ugh

Here is a good example, Skip to 1:28 to where the match starts

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Here is a good example, Skip to 1:28 to where the match starts


This one helped out alot. Thanks

I just want to say that if you are getting defeated by “spamming” you are not that good as you think you are.
Zoning is not spamming, i could easily think that if the ken players only use zoning to beat you is not because they are necessarily noobs, but that they know that they don’t need to use anything more to beat you.
Is it frustrating to lose against zoning? Yeah it can be, but that doesn’t mean that it makes it a less valid strategy.

Let me tell you that complaining about zoning and calling it spamming is not well seen around here since it is usually paired with scrub mentality.

one other option that SRMlTheWhiteBeast was using was putting himself in the range to be able to react to the fireball by jumping over it and getting a free jump in combo (2:42)

Well, isn’t this forum supposed to be for scrubs? I joined so I can properly learn the game. I’m sorry I said “spam”. And please point out where I said that I was good, because I didn’t.

Whats the difference between spamming and zoning?

Noob =/= Scrub
They can overlap with each other but they are not synonyms.
A noob is someone who is new to the game, a scrub is someone who makes excuses for his loses and imposes rules to himself and/or his oponents that are not part of the game.
Stuff like no throwing because is cheap, or fireball spamming is cheap, etc, etc.

Is the way that you wrded your post, if it wasn’t your intention then sorry, but you would be surprised how many people think very highly of their gameplay style while seeing others as lesser players even when they lose to them.

You can say that spamming is when the player is throwing the attacks without any kind of thought and strategy, while zoning is when it is used with a goal in mind.
In the end I think that is on the eyes of the beholder, scrubs will call it spamming regardless if there is strategy behind it or is just done mindlessly.

The newbie dojo is here for new players/newbies/noobs, but not scrubs. We don’t intentionally offer content for scrubs here.

Zoning: a playstyle defined by keeping your opponent in range that is favorable for you but unfavorable for them, particularly by use of projectiles.

Spamming: what people with a scrubby mindset call zoning.

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I’ve always thought it was based on the plan behind the projectile ‘spamming’ that defined Zoning and Spamming. If you’re just throwing fireballs because you don’t know any better, and you don’t have a clue when to stop because its unsafe, then its spamming, while if you’re doing it ‘properly’ to keep an opponent at bay, stopping when it is unsafe and being ready to punish bad jump ins etc, then it is Zoning xD