How to configure HRAP2 with nullDC

Ok kids, now that Marvel vs Capcom 2 is now online, I can’t figure out how to get nullDC to recognize my HRAP2. I am able to configure my HRAP2 perfectly fine with mame when i play 3rd Strike but not sure how to do it for nullDC.

Any help is appreciated.


Install and configure joy2key. It’s a program that maps joystick inputs to keyboard inputs. Since the first release of NullDC only recognizes keyboard inputs (as far as I know), this serves as the workaround for using console controllers with it.

I haven’t had any issues with lag so far with my HRAP2

I’d like to think I’m relatively adept at figuring out GUI’s for myself and all as well as solving problems in general, but I recall having a particularly silly amount of trouble figuring out which keys or buttons were which. I certainly made it work for me in the end but maaan did it ever make me feel dumb! :xeye:

options -> select plugin. for maple (input/saves) plugins select nulldc joystick/n.

then options -> maple -> port (letter) -> select the name of converter you are using.

finally, options -> maple -> port (letter) -> config.

I didn’t know u could play games online with NullDC. How do u do that?
Sorry, not trying to derail the topic.