How to comfirm genei-jin?

hi, i have a question about confirming geni-gin and launch the opponent into the air.
Say when u activate genei-jin and approach ur opponent. you could do so if he moves, u’ll launch into the air. but i see people doing and etc and other random pokes to confirm, how do you do that ? i’m sure there are some poke strings that would work to confirm genei-jin, but some aren’t. can any one please list and explain some of the basic strings to confirm genei-jin?

I am not good with Yun but most of the time I see Yuns activate, then walkup and do lots of stand MPs and low LKs. In Genei Jin these moves have a lot of frame advantage, so much that you can hit someone with a low LK and then walk a little and hit them with another low LK. If you notice your Low LKs are hitting you can do stand MP -> forward+HP and start a juggle.

its not always about launching most of the time its poking into a command grab and if you get a lucky cr.shortx2 or whatever you can react off of it just a matter of playing and experience

thx for the tips
i sometimes find its pretty hard to get close to the opponent to do the command throw after poking, people can easily jump away…and its kinda annoying when i try to walk close, and the opponent does a random super/poke

i use to have that problem when i first started playing yun, what you do is always look for the launch till they know enough to put the fear in them. you have to make them more afraid to get hit by a launch that they forget that command grab is coming, walk up is good for that

When hit confirming st. mk into GJ (from sj cancel), what is the most practical way of doing it? Or maybe practical ways of doing it. I usually buffer it in a dash, but it doesn’t always come out. I don’t know if it’s just an execution problem on my part, if the buffering window is really tight, or maybe both.

just tigerknee it and if its parried the freeze will give you a super jump out. if its blocked/hit you get the super. though some people do a 360 i think that works the same way