How to blink , Get better reactions?

Ive read in the ibuki forums that u can blink on a pad but how theres no select button on the button config ? Also i was wondering how to improve my reactions on my srk anti airs i always get jumped in on and afterwards im just thinking why did i just let that guy jump in on me like how do i improve in that area of my game ?

You just plink jab+select button together, the only thing you need to configure is your jab button.

As far as improving reactions, it’s just something that you should make the focal point of your training whenever you go into training mode or playing matches against other players. Try to always looks out for the jump in and perform a SRK as soon as you can. You’ll be slow at first, but eventually you’re train it into your muscle memory to do it instinctively on reaction.

You could try playing Ryu, or any shoto, and just attempt to win purely on zoning alone. Throw fireballs, play footsies, and watch out for the inevitable jump-in, assuming you’re playing low-skilled players.