How to beat Zangief with pixies?!

Is it possible to beat a Gief with Cammy? How? They can block everything. There’s no way to get in.



Good matches you posted there, but I was more meaning how do you beat a Zangief player that literally does nothing- only crouches and just defends you attacks with lariat or spd

With Chun, I’ve found the two most important things to beating Gief are staying patient, and having good footsies to keep him zoned out of SPD range. I’m not familiar with Cammy, but Chun has the Hazsan Shu overhead to keep Gief honest and not idling in d/b for the match. I would consider the general questions of ‘as a Cammy player, what are my best options for opening someone up?’, and then try to apply what I came up with to the Gief match-up, realizing that some may not work as they may leave you in grab range. From one pixie player to another, hope that helps a little :).

If the Gief is just spamming specials from far away, especially if they have no normal game just hit them a few times and get the health lead and run away. If you sit on a health lead and force Gief to come to you he’s much more obvious and easy to attack. Gief sitting on lariat shouldn’t be a problem because they nerfed the properties of it to a point where you always have a way to hit him and he can’t use it as aggressively if he’s forced to move in. Just be lamer than he is and he’ll have to move forward just like Gief in any smart match should have to. If you allow a Gief player to turtle you really need to readjust your thinking in the match.

Get a life lead, stay away, build meter by whiffing Canon Strikes - that’s the most easiest way to get a turtle player come to you and open himself. Until then you are playing their game.

Use grabs if high/low mixups aren’t cutting it.
If he’s using spd and lariat a lot when you’re close poke the shit out of him.
They don’t sound like great players so give it a try.
Remember that all you want is a decent life lead, then waste time and he’ll be forced to come after you.

They are probably lame because Zangief chasing Cammy is not in his favor. I get raped by Cammy a lot because I jump too much and don’t turtle enough, lol. But you need to make Gief whiff grabs or punish whiffed normals with your dive kick/DP.

Is the Cammy/Gief match-up actually in her favor? Looks like WGE was given a really hard time.

gotta pull out some mind games. do moves that seemingly whiff to tempt them to false punish.