How to beat time outs?

The higher rank I get online, the more likely people are to just run away from my Phoenix. What can you do to combat this other than not get to the point that she’s your only remaining character?

Make sure your other 2 characters are strong enough so that you can beat them or take most of their life away without having to rely on Phoenix. If people are running away from your Phoenix it usually means your skill with the other 2 characters is lackluster. You need to make sure you can do damage and have strong mix ups with your team mates so you can build meter for Phoenix and have an easier time cleaning up what’s left with Phoenix and not get timed out.

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get 5 meters asap and call in Phoenix before the rest of your team is dead… If it’s too late to do that, tracking shots, teleport, traps, mk. overhead. Also my last resort to get my opponent to fight is to throw out a hyper than xfactoring, if your opponent is not an idiot he’ll try to kill off your phoenix before you get that last bar, thus forcing him to risk making a mistake and getting caught… you should be able to do some damge with a lvl 3 regular phoenix while building back that meter too

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Yeah get 5 bars and bring phoenix in early to avoid it… if she does happen to be last use traps to cut of a area of the screen then just throw shots for chip and activate xfactor when you have 20 secs left

Dont play phoenix

There is really one one thing to do to beat time out. you just have to outplay the guy. Outguess him, and ensure that the one chance you get to deal damage kills him. There is no direct counter to runaways.

pretty much what everyone has said. your other two character play has to be good in order to get in a position where your opponent is playing from behind.

also, use your traps and teleports effectively. only use homing fireballs when you’re in range because “POSSIBLY” landing them from full screen is a waste of time if you’re a phoenix player playing from behind. and if you’re not dark phoenix by the time 20 seconds are left, you should activate XFACTOR to increase your damage/speed/etc. if you don’t, you pretty much lose seconds of valuable XFACTOR time.

If you have 40+ seconds left activate healing field and go from there.

Just found this, at 3:53, Phoenix’s own Viewtiful Joe assist bomb kills her, turning her into Dark Phoenix.

I don’t know if there are any other assists that can damage your own team, but it looks like V.Joe may get a new nod for being able to take out your own Phoenix so you can go off if you’re being lamed out.

This situation gives me aneurisms.

Sentinel flying from side to the other, with nothing you can do about it.

I haven’t found anything possible for me to do to deal with this.

Why don’t you simply drop a light TK trap, fly with him and throw him?

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

He’s running away so he doesn’t take damage and so he doesn’t hit you. He’s not going to press a button or he’ll turn you into DPh. Drop a trap so he can’t get away, Fly, use her air dashes in flight, and GRAB HIM!

The only character that can viably time out phoenix well IMO is Wesker. His teleports make him last very long in the air. There should be no reason why sentinel will time you out. He can’t fly forever. He’s huge. And the moment he lands you get a free mixup. Do some over heads, grab him, etc etc. If the character can’t teleport AWAY from you isn’t really fast(X-23), you should be able to open them up.

This happened to me last night vs Dante in devil mode, activated flight… Just couldn’t catch him and timed out.

IMO if the person is running away the Phoenix has to mixup the projectiles she throws at the opponent. I’m sure the A/B fireballs go fullscreen since they travel at a faster rate, while they close in on your opponent mix up the teleports you use to get in. If the opponent is full screen and super jumping as you’re on the ground you can either A teleport towards him and set off the A traps or do the C traps that go up and diagonally towards the opponent. Even tho Phoenix can’t cross her opponent up in the corner IMO I’d much rather my opponent be cornered vs. me cuz thats when I can mix the hell out of them. Spam super jump homing balls, and if you B teleport once the homing balls are close they’ll start wisening up and super jump away (up and behind you) towards the corner. Once you accomplish that, condition them to do you spaming crouching A, and mix it up w/ a few delayed crouching A’s since ppl tended to mash on adv. guard like scaredy cats. Once you have them stuck in the corner just blocking low go for an opportunity to bust out an overhead. I usually hate just doing raw f.B cuz the opponent can react to that after seeing it so much, if you chain a c.A to a f.B it may throw 'em off since they probably were expecting the next attack to be another mindless jab, or even the c.B. Also if you really wanna be sexy w/ Phoenix, if the opponent adapts and blocks the c.A, and f.B successfully…cancel into flight and j.S immediately out of it and hear them cuss about how gay Phoenix is LOL. Best advice alotta ppl offered is to activate X Factor when the clock reaches 20 seconds (thats if Phoenix is the last char and everyone else is dead.) Oh yeah one more good mixup too sometimes instead of just super jumping and throwing fireballs, if you’re near the opponent, sj. and trijump C the opponent most times it will randomly cross up and plus the opponent probably wouldn’t expect a Phoenix player to go aggro at times. Last but not least, make sure you get the A trap infinite down…I heard you have to input half circle and A since Jean moves back a lil everytime she executes a ground trap.

I hope all the stuff I posted was of use! If there’s anything I need to clarify I’ll be sure to revise what I posted!

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