How to beat The final boss every time.Late but what the helll

Painwheel:deals the most damage,you can take marie out in 40 seconds with painwheel’s helicopter spam.

Cerebella:kinda hard to do but just spam her forward fierce for 10 seconds.

Peacock:either spam her gun or go towards the skullgirl and mash H.K and do the shotgun cancel 2 hit combo.

Fortune:since combos cant hurt marie much i dont know a surefire way to win with fortune.probably spam the dive kick and tigerknee aerial.

Fillia:just keep rolling.

Squiggly:do that jumping h.k move only when marie is on the ground.her first two forms, jump m.k alot and crouch kick.

Valentine:Spam the gimp thing alot for the first form,then use jump H.p the whole match.

Double:Do anything.except the M.k that will get you nowhere.

And if you are fighting her on highest difficulty and those arent working for you, just jump H.k spam and each time you hit the ground after jump kicking sweep, rinse and repeat.

Pretty late thread but still.