How to beat Rolento's cr. LP?

Someone just beat me entirely using Rolento’s cr. LP on the ground. If I ever jumped, I was obviously met with st. MP. Cr. LP is out of grab range, and it seems to clearly beat all other moves. I hope I’m missing something, because this seems to be the easiest autopilot match. The only time I ever landed anything was if he tried some roll shenanigans. When he was just doing cr. LP, I was helpless.
I am also having similar troubles with Guile’s cr. MK.

That’s pretty much what Infiltration did to Snake Eyez.

It seems like a tough button for Gief to deal with.

rolento cr hp and st hp are both giefs death button too :smiley:

Doesn’t really matter in the long run since the MU is not in Rolento’s favor