How to beat people throwing like crazy?

This happens almost every fight. Opponent looks decent, cool first round, i win. Second round, he burns all his tactics and go to the roundhouse sweep and constant throwing. the bad thing is, no matter how i try to tech, option select, he always get the throw! i’m fucking mad! i can even see my throw animation coming off, but he throws me! i don’t know what i’m doing wrong! just fought an akuma, after the first round he did jumping punch - i block - throw. “ok, blocked the punch, now he will try to throw me!” “press throw” “HE throws me.” When i try the option select i can even see the crouching kick coming out when he throws me… What should i do?

if you’re seeing your throw then it means you’re whiffing and he is grabbing your whiffed throw

the jump in then throw is what you call a tick throw, he does it because he thinks you’re gonna keep blocking.

really the throw window in SF4 is pretty big you’re either hitting it too late or too early

I can’t remember where, but this was discussed in another thread. Your timing may not necessarily be off. But yeah, throwing and teching in online matches can be pretty inconsistent. It’s the nature of the beast.

are you thinking of a tick throw?

Get used to using EX CU or any other move that has throw unvul, and sharpen up your char’s best neutraljump combos.

yeah that’s what I meant to type but sometimes my fingers don’t care what I’m thinking

After jump ins, you have to tech LATER than most normals because they have more blockstun. You’re probably hitting tech too EARLY (or it could just be online). Try hitting it a little bit later. Crouch tech is also known as late tech.

if you know 100% that it’s a throw try standing to tech
if you OS and they throw late they’re gonna throw the startup of your kick

Never stand to throw tech unless you absolutely have to. A light kick coming out is 10x better than a whiffed throw animation. If you’re not timing it right, you’re not timing it right. Standing or crouching doesn’t matter. There are times when you DON’T want to OS crouch tech, but you absolutely NEVER want to whiff a standing throw animation.

you should really never be out of throw range and teching unless you have horrible reactions so thats kind of a non issue i think. if they throw you out of your throw startup (not the whiff) then you tech so it gives you a bigger window to tech if you do it standing.

You can still whiff a throw in throw range, but I guess it’s more likely to happen while you’re on the offensive. Anyway, throw ranges can be deceptive. Vega and Ken have mean kara throws.

can someone explain to me whats “option select”?


I don’t really understand OS teching. I thought it wasn’t possible to grab when you are crouching.

Isn’t that the purpose of OS tech? To tech throws?

I’ve also heard that they made OS teching harder in Super. How so?

It’s not possible to grab while crouching, but you can tech while crouching.