How to beat FA on wakeup

Yesterday I played this Ryu and he constantly did Level 3 FA after he knocked me down. I couldn’t do much about it. Sometimes I managed to DP him but it didn’t work constantly.

What other options do I have?

You can do much about it!! if he does this against the average online player, he will lose for sure. DP works every time, also Ultra or backdash is possible.

Backdash, EX DP, Ultra

Ok, I guess I mistimed the reversal DP when he caught me with his FA. Gotta practice wake-up DP

Keep in mind this is probably an attempt to condition you into doing wake up DP. If the person knows what they’re doing they’re going to start backdashing out of it so you whiff wake-up DPs and they get a major punish.

Sure, but I have to react to it in some way. So it’s DP or backdash or Ultra if I have it.

DP, Ultra, Tatsu, Backdash, Throw. There’s heaps of options depending on how they use the FA.

Go into training mode and try out all the options you can think of.
Set dummy to do lvl 3 focus, lvl 2 focus, focus back/forward dash and see what you can come up with.

I always either tatsu it or just counter with my own focus attack. Tatsu is a very good option because A. it breaks armor an B. it’ll catch them even if they back dash. And it it’s obvious that they’re gonna let it rip with a full level 3 focus then just ultra it.