How to beat constant jumping in ST

I didnt want to make another topic about something so similar but i also wanted to point out i have this issue as well but not in ssf4. I’ve been playing ST a lot lately and a friend of mine who’s actually quite good has been using this constant jumping method as a way to sandbag. I use ryu and AA him a lot but once he gets in, he constantly crosses up, does a blockstring and then repeats it or throws. Sometimes he does a random special to catch my tech attempt. Have you guys got any tips?

anti air. zone him with fireballs. air tatsu can work as anti air too. old ryu has invincibility on his srk and can beat out his jump bs.

I’ve been trying to meet there game with jumps.

When they jump forward you jump back and when they jump forward again you jump forward and meet them air-to-air.

This is if you’re both using Ryu.

Problem is you have to do this about 8 times.

You can dp them as they crossup, doing either a backwards DP or F, D, DF, DB and pressing punch when they crossup.

why are you saying this as if ST ryu does not have invincibility on his SRKs. the difference is that old ryu is invincible ALL THE WAY up. It would have been better for you to have said that instead of giving people the wrong ideas.

Anyways ultracombo yea that works but really, that’s not standard stuff if the guy is still learning.

To the OP, simply learn your appropriate anti airs. SRK when he jumps in frontal. But when he does a crossup (when youre just standing like after poking you a little bit) you can look for it and do an early jump back attack. When he does it to you on your wakeup learn how to block properly. Ultracombos suggestion works but don’ t always rely on it. It’s easy to mess up.

Your normal options for an anti-air= DP, standing lk, standing mp, standing hp(b+hp or neutral hp, f+hp will give you something different)

Different options work at different ranges, learn how to apply them… I think that should cover your question bro…