How to beat chun-li

well i collected a bunch of information on yun so i thought it would be nice to do the same for you all as well as myself to make another thread dedicated to wiping chun out so please take note and do the same thing we’ve been doing! thanks guys ^^


a.) i’m not sure that there is much to say just watchout for the reset at the end so you don’t get hit bye 2.

b.) chun li’s pokes are far too fast infact i think should easily win a match with c.jab and c.fowardxxsuper.

2.) Why are you so hard to karakusa!?(mixup challange)

a.) chun is small chun is quick chun walks like a bat out of hell.

b.)Meterless Chun is good, but less scary, so change your aggressiveness according to the meter status. I believe round 1 is in Makoto’s favor because of this.(ZENFIRE)(thread number 130145)

c.)low fierce with stop Chun’s b+fierce, and looks like it will also take out low forward if done early enough. Basically low fierce, and then standing strong on her wakeup are the only ground pokes I feel safe using against her.(CAJUNSTRIKE)(thread number 111320)

d.)parried standing fierce leads to a gauranteed fierceXXhayate/ex hayate/super. This works even when you parry it at max range. be careful though with sa2 as it sometimes is hard to judge strength/distance needed (RAMZA) (thread number 111320)
3.) Super art 1

a.) like i said for yun i prefer to use super art 1 simply for the safety factor of it’s easy to get off it does a load of damage and chun is quite hard to command grab in my opinion at least.

b.) i was shown this bye ino and i forget if it’s a cross up or just an overhead but. jumping in on chun as if going for a cross up with fowardxxsuperart1 but you have to kick the foward out late after the peak of the jump.

4.) general nonsense

a.) if you parry a close roundhouse (the knee) you can get a free jab fukiage ^^

there have to be like 27 anti-chun threads already

…i feel like i just have to be lucky with my mixups (with the very few occasions that i get in on her/knock her down) to win this match :frowning:

Yeah this matchup is by far Makoto’s worst.

It seems like you have to guess when to dash in because b.HP and c.MK are so fast that you can’t dash in on reaction to their recovery (or, you can, but by the time you’re there they can throw out another and they’ll win. Plus they get to super you.)

Use SA1 so you can get big damage off of c.LK -> LP hayate.

Use MK tsurugis, they’re good.

Do lots of low parry -> karakusa because Chun Li loves that c.LP in this matchup.

If you are religious, pray.

That’s all I got :rofl:

This is probably the match I have the hardest time with…

-I don’t recommend trying to punish pokes with hayates. Especially back fierce. It’s active for so long, you will probably get nailed, or she will block it.

-Most of my damage in this match comes from x lp hayate->SAI.

-SAII will get you raped in this match. It’s just stupid to me. If you do go for SAII there is sort of a gimmicky combo you can do. If you block SAII you can red parry the second barrage (way easier then parrying the whole thing), jump for the last hit, then do j.rh x s.fp xxSA2 then dash FP fukiage sjc fp. I think that does 100% stun on her, but I may be full of shit.

-The way I play is I don’t skimp on the EX with this bitch. I go for grab-chop-ex dash every chance I get then go for knockdown mixup afterwards. The way I see it if I get an opening for super I take it, but I don’t conserve meter when I have the chance to get an EX dash in. Especially if she gets you in the corner. It feels like there is no intelligent move to make. Her throw range is so long, that you really can’t guess when a kara throw is coming if the player isn’t a moron.

-You may be used to abusing your dash but you have to play calmly and take less risks in this match in my opinion. Which sort of defies the whole point of playing makoto, but that’s how I see it. You have to do a lot more walking or use something else to get closer, but dashing means you will eat a poke or super. is made of win here.

-chun-li’s jump is incredibly high, be careful of when you try to use c.rh as it will often times wiff as an anti-air on her.

-chun-li is one of the characters that you can lp hayate after an ex hayate in the corner.

-don’t use random ass hail mary ex shoryus. they aren’t going to connect. She doesn’t have a lot of moves that cause her hitbox to lean over or come into contact with makotos srk, so it’s not gonna happen. I’d like to see ex srk versus ex sbk though.

-I try to keep my poking game to a minimum and not be constantly throwing out pokes. Good players will be able to figure out if you have a rythym and they will super you.

good vids^^

For b. FP of Chun’s punish it by sweeping her. The hitbox of the move while huge actually doesn’t go any lower than her hands so if your at about 3/4th’s to max sweep distance you can sweep her for free.

Only hard part about this matchup is breaking chun’s throw/hit super game which really comes with experience. Also you gotta learn to not just rush into stuff as that’ll get you killed all day. As long as you got a solid defence you should be fine. Poke I punish with hayate are s. RH/f. RH (one where she jumps up and kicks) and standing FP on whiff/parry. I like to try and be offensive till she has bar than i tone it down a bit as Chun without bar is far from threatening. Chun with bar is a scary ass bitch.

This matchup is about playing conservative and hitting her with SAI which really isn’t that hard after you wake up karakusa her once or twice. Plus you’ll hit cr. lk xx hayate nearly garunteed assuming your not getting completely rocked.

Yun is a far harder matchup than this imo.