How to beat Amaterasu?

I have a hard time with, and I don’t care anymore I just want a team that’s built specifically for stopping the bitch

The bitch is really small, so I can’t zone the bitch out since the bitch goes under all beams, the bitch is probably the safest character in the game, the bitch has crazy one button combos and I don’t know why the bitch didn’t get nerfed along with Sent


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Have you tried reducing her health to 0? I hear that works.

Learn combos that won’t drop on her because of her small size. Stay out of range of her standing and crouching medium attacks. Learn when to push block her H chains. Learn how to block in general. A lot of people mash when she’s spamming her H attacks and chances are you’ll get hit before she does. Don’t throw random projectiles at certain distances when she has meter cause she can punish with super on reaction. She’s very fragile. Just hit her a few times and she’ll die.

Hi Mr “The Moon”. Thanks for showing that you need to defend your e-peen through your use of profanity.
MoFro was being a bit of an ass, but you’ve shown us you’re immature enough to respond to it.

I also thank disgruntled goa for replying to you. Good advice there. Read and reread.
You’ve only tried zoning. Has it occurred to you to rush her down with good mixups?
What team do you play? These things help us help you, y’know. Simply asking “how do i shot web” is irritating.

Shit like this isn’t tolerated here. I’ve already alerted Preppy since this is his jurisdiction, not mine. But worse comes to worse, I might have to give the infraction myself.

Goodbye, Mr Moon. Yeah, just PM me on stuff like this and I’ll take care of it. My lone rule these days is pretty much “be respectful”: threats clearly cross that line.

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While his choice of words are poor, I feel the OP’s frustration with Ammy. He is the hardest character by far for me to kill

man I keep hearing about this but I just dont see it.
And I dont think I could even layout a specific anti-Ammy strat here, because I dont even think about her when we are squared up against each other.
So maybe all you need to do to beat her, is not be too afaid.
Maybe she has low health and my team (Wol/Storm/Sent) takes her out through this but either way, Ammy aint too scary. (almost rhymes i my head)

I suppose that GOA hit the nail on the head. Maybe I’ll start focusing in more on Ammy when Im fighting her, perhaps I’ll realize something about my strat against her.
There is a good change that I take my time and wait for my oppurtunity to punish her.
Also I think alot of ppl put her on point, and I typically have Wolverine on point, I think this match-up must be in Wolvies favor.

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I generally find Ammy very annoying to deal with. Her combos seem so long and do a decent bit of damage and I have trouble finding the best time to punish her from spamming combos on block.

Also depends on who I’m playing as, if I’m X-23 or Morrigan I have a slightly easier time, but taller characters like Magneto I find difficult .

I could definitely use some tips fighting this character.

I play Chris/Wesker/Hagger, and it sucks having my Haggar Lariat assist go right over her head (usually.) Even worse is one hit is all it takes to have to sit through 15 seconds of my character getting combo’d.

What are general rules vs. Ammy? When do you push block? DO you push block? When can you stick out a jab and interrupt? Is it better to play keep away or be all up in her grill? Please, help!

to be honest, amaterasu is not of a big deal to fight against. her attacks have long range, but uh… just push back during block then punish the forward H spam. small size…maybe, but if u think she goes under projectiles… then how about if you stop spamming projectiles and try more close fights? she got low health anyways…USE combos!

PS: don’t forget… u dont always have tall characters… so switch in between… switching characters to fight ammy is a strategy too

Like everyone says, bust out training mode & learn pushblock timings. If the ammy isn’t that good and is just mashing H, it’s easy to punish once you know how. Also, learn your chars’ shuffle punishes.

Good Ammy’s who mix up H spam with paper & counters are a bit harder though, and as an Ammy player I’m afraid I’ll hafta STSFN haha (aka I dunno).

Flame & Bead Ammy don’t have the best options when escaping good rushdown, so use that to your advantage. Watch out for sword lunges though.

But really, #1 thing against Ammy?:

Don’t drop combos.

I don’t know what was written to deserve a ban (and i don’t care), but i share the same frustration.
The Anti-ammy-hyper vid posted on the shoryuken page helped a lot, but…

-My biggest problem with ammy is about detached hitboxes.
I’ve hit training mode only to find that it is really hard to jump on her with an attack, because if she mashes :h: to anti-air you (with the :l: weapon, the fastest) you have to deal with the weapon before hitting her. That thing alone beats a lot of stuff, and her small size beats a lot more.

A couple examples: Haggar and his pipe will reach Amaterasu without much effort, but Capt.America will be stuffed 90% of the times no matter what (except air shield slash from quite a distance).
Problem is, i don’t play haggar or zero (easiest anti-ammy charcters inmo)

-If i SuperJump away, she can reach the other side easily, or jump and air grab me by surprise (and hyper after).

-If i push block:
if i do it at a wrong time, she will continue to :h: and reach me.
if i do it well, she can cancel her :h: into paper, to prevent my comeback.
sometimes she uses the counter to bait my pushblock.
and sometimes i block too much and she just grabs me (into hyper).

I don’t know the pushblock timmings to give me a little room, and with her detached weapon hitbox it is really hard to start a random offense on her.

I only seem to beat her with a pushblock into hyper, with some characters, and only if i baited a paper.

**Please, **Any tips on the pushblock timmings to punish :h: spam?
how many :h: can she do and what are the “weakests” ones? (the ones who move her forward the less, maybe the 2nd and the 4th?)

Thanks to all Ammy players for your patience, and thanks for helping us out a little.

I actually have had no issue fighting Haggar or Zero with my Ammy, but that is neither here nor there.

You uh, usually can’t get anything directly off of push block, it just gets you to neutral, where most characters are still at a disadvantage against Ammy. If they’re being predictable, remember that Ammy’s only thing with any invincibility is her level 3 and so she generally can’t respond to anything you do with any sort of priority. There are a lot of characters with normals that will beat hers from neutral if she’s in Disc stance, although, that’s character-specific and you haven’t said what characters you do use. That’s kind of the thing though, there’s nothing sure-fire you can do in that situation.

Ammy can do 5 :f::h:s in a row in Disc mode.

Who exactly did he threaten? Amaterasu?

with Strangvision on this one…

anyway, watching the ChrisG vs. Yipes at Battlefield arcadia… you can see ChrisG’s ammy being a huge problem for Yipes’ mags… until Yipes’ starts playing back… using air disrupter to zone and akuma assist to stop ammy from running under… when ammy gets close, Yipes will block and run with assist covering his back… then occasionally, he’ll throw out something to catch an overly aggressive ammy…

there are a few things to remember about ammy:

  1. she has the fastest normals in the game - this means that when she’s up close… you should be blocking or sending a good assist
  2. she has low health - as mentioned before, you must hit your combos and if not… well… a random super or chip works quite well
  3. her gameplan is limited by her stance - ammy has a wide arsenal, but her stance tells you exactly what she’s planning to do…

DUDE are you hearing what you are saying? or reading in this case? you just described an ultra mega god tier , basically you have to be perfect all the time to stop her.Really that bitch is op.

Ammy is easier then she looks on her own, but with help she’s a monster. You can jump to avoid the H spam, as even if she does it over and over again or cuts it short to trick you, there is less of a threat from the Forward throw cause she has to jump first. Everything about her though in general is pretty matchup specific, as a slow often easily rushed down character like Tron or Storm with no distance between them has little to no answer to Ammy other then trying to force a mistake mid pressure. But a Ryu, Akuma, Cap all have moves and ultra’s with a ton of I-frames, so they can utilize pushblock in order to get her off of them.

Do it on the third one, in particular. By the third pushblock, most Ammy players will usually commit to either cutting it short or finishing it out, so if you pushblock then do an I-frame move, you’ll typically punish either the last two forward C’s, or the one they get for trying to throw. The biggest mistake you can make is being careless with pushblock, because all of her blockstrings last forever, and doing it prematurely gives you a nice wolf mark on your ass for trying to hard.

Ammy dies in one DHC, or one combo, most characters can do a BnB that either puts her ass to sleep, or in a bad position, and considering her universal ability to assist or rushdown, most Ammy players will hesitate to go get her killed. She’s scariest with her disk mode, but she requires more thought in her sword and cold star modes.

Don’t play footsies with the beads, just rush that shit down.
Don’t get careless with the sword, play footsies and mix her up.

But really, the biggest and best way to beat Ammy is to put her on defense, because like all low life characters, once they’ve got to block instead, they’re dead.