How the hell do they do it ?!

How does RayRay, FChamp among other magneto players do mag blast while doing an extremely low air dash ??? I’ve tried everything ! Plinking the mag blast, doing pre-inputing the mag blast ! Just everything, its really itching my nerves man lol ! So you know the level of my magnus, I can do grav loops/infinites 9.9/10 times without dropping.

Also if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look up RayRays midscreen magnus bnb. The part I’m having trouble with is the 2nd mag blast into combo where he just adfs blast. The blast never comes out for me !

it is the plink dash into magblast

i don’t like numpad notation but it’s 896 [M+H] plinked into L
M+H has to be on the same frame, L has to be pressed immediately after

same business for the super jump addf magblast. super jump 8963 [M+H] plinked into L

For RayRay’s BnB, the trick is you want the character falling onto the first magblast so you have enough time to jump and do adf xx magblast.

Which controller are you using? I bet it´s an Arcade Stick with square gate… I´m Right?