How should Nutella be used?

Many of us have had this chocolate Hazelnut spread.

We all know it’s delicious. However, I have a problem. I have no clue what to do with it! I’ve tried white bread, toast, and crackers. The white bread was okay, not really any different than just eating it straight so I scrapped it in lieu of all the needless calories I was adding. Toast actually detracted from it, for me, and I have to say, I love toast. The crackers weren’t so hot either.

So I’ve been eating it straight out of the jar. At first I would get a large spoonful and spend the next five minutes taking nibbles, but since then I’ve opted for larger portions and have been scooping more and more as I’ve eaten. This is terrible, BTW, as the shit is half fat and sugar, literally. You can even tell this, because it doesn’t really melt in your mouth, and when it does, only certain parts do :slight_smile:

What do I use it on? As is, eating it out of the jar is a death sentence. I need great concoctions that will help limit this heart attack spread to components of a snack rather than the snack.

Add some peanut butter to dat bitch. Problem solved.

Fusion dance with bacon between two pieces of toasted bread!

I just spread it on toast bread for breakfast =/
…and sometimes I’d take a small spoonful and eat it if I fee like it.
Will consider eating it with peanut butter though…

Try it with PB on Graham crackers. I’m not a huge fan of it, but that is my favorite application.

With a spoon.

it’s good on tits too…:stuck_out_tongue:

Fruit. Yogurt. Cinnamon Toast. Anything? I mean what the fuck man just put it on stuff.

nutella and banana sandwhich

pita bread

Nutella and banana on a crepe. sooooo good.

put your dick in.

Goddamn I clicked on this thread to post this.

Then call the dog

Applies to Nutella as well.

Surprisingly good with Gardettos as a sweet and savory snack!

Used it with purp…err grape jelly to make a sandwich kinda like pb&j.

A variety of bagels.

Best option is use it as dip for PEANUT BUTTER FILLED PRETZELS. I know fresh&easy and Trader Joe’s both have those.

I usually just sandwich it between Ritz crackers <3 .